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Healing Tao of Tai Chi Chuan

Zhan Zhuang for Health


Standing Meditation

Enhances the effectiveness of Paida and Lajin Therapy

Amazing simple DIY health method. Self help, self healing. Self discipline.

My health is my responsibility 

Conducted by: Master John Chow


Learn simple postures that enhances health and vitality.

No need for equipment, apparatus, or medication it is free!

Just stand and be still.

Special way to maintain health and prevent sickness.

Learn to be calm and serene.

Invigorate Qi and blood circulation!


Zhan Zhuan is highly recommended as a supplement to enhance the effectiveness of Paida Lajin Therapy

popularised by Master Zhu and Master Xiao.


Amazing Qi Zhan Zhuang Level 1: This set was specifically designed for Level 1 of Paida Lajin Therapy.

Course contents:

           Zhan Zhuang of Cultivating the Dantian

           Zhan Zhuang of Wu Chi.

           Zhan Zhuang of Hugging a Tree, abdomen.

           One Legged Fa.

           Hua Tou Prays to Buddha.

           Arahant Prays to Buddha.

           White Crane Stands on 1 Leg - same leg.

           White Crane Stands on 1 Leg - opp leg.


Full set of Zhan Zhuang taught at Healing Tao of Tai Chi Chuan