Tributes, Acknowledgement and Dedication

I pay tribute to the late very great Grandmaster Antonio 'Tatang' Ilustrisimo
as the source of my understanding and skill

in the craft of sword fighting.

I thank Tatang Ilustrisimo's senior students for generously giving their

invaluable time and patience in teaching and training me, 

in particular:-
Tony Diego, Romy Macapagal, Edgar Sulite and Raymond Floro


I also thank Yuli Romo, Rey Galang, Christopher Ricketts

for their contributions to my learning of the art and to its propagation.


Other teachers who have contributed to my understanding of martial arts are:-

Dan Inosanto, Bobby Taboada, Ondo Caburnay, Dionisio Canette, Nick Elizar,

Yap Siew Ting, Lu Tong Bao, Chok Seng Kam, Lau Kim Hong,

Wan Kean Chew, Jiang Yong Gui, Ho Ah San, Rocky Kwong,

Gao Yun Wu, Guo Zheng Fen, Wang Zhun Xiong, Loh Kam Choon,

Toh Fah Fook, Liew Chee Fui, Hisa Okano, James Low,  

and my first teacher - my own father - Henry Chow Fook On.


I wish to thank my friends and brothers in Kalis Ilustrisimo

for their contribution, friendship and time with me

Tom Dy, Arnold Narzo, Russell Lim, Shamim Hague, Abjol Miah,

Serge Gillette, Roy Harris, Kim Fung and others


Dedicated to all past, present and future practitioners of arnis,

hoping they will find peace and truth.


 I acknowledge that God is the ultimate source of all knowledge and power, 


I praise and thank God for all that is given to me.