Instructor Ranking and Status


Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute


Kalis Ilustrisimo Orihinal Repeticion



I, John Chow, as representative of:-


·        Tai Chi Chuan masters Lu Tong Bao, Zhu Jin Sheng, Lau Kim Hong and Gao Yun Wu in Australia


·        Kalis Ilustrisimo Orihinal Repeticion in Australia (under Tonay Digo and Romy Macapagal)


make the following statement on the ranking and status of instructor certification in connection with the above 2 martial arts systems that are under my jurisdiction. This statement is binding on all my current as well as past students.


The instructor rankings are as follow:-



Apprentice Instructor

A student accepted into the instructor training program.

Assists the Instruct in discipline and basic teaching.

Not an instructor!

Assistant Instructor

Assists the Instruct in discipline and teaching.

Not an instructor.

More knowledgeable than an Apprentice Instructor

Junior Instructor

1st level of instructorship.


2nd level of instructorship

Senior instructor

3rd level of instructorship

Chief Instructor

Head instructor and governor of all the instructors


It is customary for an instructor to delegate teaching and disciplinarian duties to senior students in order to prepare them to be instructors.  The Apprentice Instructor and Assistant Instructor status are designated for such duties. In this litigatious world, it is dangerous for any student to assist or give tips on martial arts instructions. In order to cover such students for insurance and legal liability, I have enabled them to obtain official coaching accreditation from the Australian Institute of Sports. Just because they have such a ‘qualification’ and are deemed to be qualified instructors by the government does not mean they are truly qualified instructors. The first level of instructorship is ‘Junior Instructor’.


Elevation to Junior Instructorship can only be granted upon approval from my on teachers named above.


The following are the current list of Apprentice Instructors:-

Kim Fung, Alex Bellantonio, Peter Wentzel, Gary Ma,


The following list are students being considered for Apprentice Instructorship:-

Warwick Nesbitt, Chan Weng Hong, Charmaine Lai, Sarina Loo, Rod Lawler, Melysa Chow, Zoe Chow.


The only Junior instructor is my son Jim Glenn who started learning under myself at the age of 6.


 John Chow

11 February 2006