On partner practice – feeding strikes and executing defences


Both the attacker and the defender should go through the various strikes, slashes and thrusts, and the blocks/parries and counter-attacks slowly and deliberately. You are trying to develop skills in movement and response. You are not duelling. You are not tying to compete with each other. This is not a contest. It is about learning how to execute techniques in attack and defence. It is not about winning. There are no winners and no losers. If either or both parties do not heed this advice, both parties are the losers.


Remember – your partner is very important part of your training. Do not hurt them or piss them off. You should endeavour to make every partner your real partner in your development as a martial artist. Make them all love to practise with you. Never turn them off by feeding them without any due consideration for them. Never be rough in executing any technique on them. They are not robots or machines for you to abuse. You do not even abuse machines! Make training with you a pleasant experience for them.


Time and time again, I have to warn and remind my students about gentleness and consideration in feeding attacks. I sometime have to remind them every session!


I really and truly hope that my words and pleas on this matter will be taken to heart.  



Written by John Chow,  a practitioner of Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, masseur, healer and teacher of Tai Chi, Chi kung, martial arts and spiritual paths in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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