Problem of free teachings or charging low fees for teachings


Different martial arts schools use different fee structures. Many offer a free introductory lesson. Others charge a very small fee. Still other schools will charge a slightly higher fee, but give a free uniform as an incentive or give a longer trial period. Then, there are schools that do not give anything for free at all.


The vision behind the free introductory lessons, and anything free for that matter, is that many people will jump at any opportunity to get something free.


There are a few problems with offering free lessons:-


·        Perceived value - people tend to attach value and quality with the price. If it is free or cheap, it can't be that good.

·        There is no incentive for the student to strive and train harder.

·        There is no deterrence not to turn up for lessons. Class attendance suffers, there is less training, and as a result, the standard and quality of skill tends to be low.

·        It is not a ‘big deal’ and the student has a tendency to procrastinate and have excuses for delaying training.

·        Free and cheap  - no pressure -  it does not cost them much.

·        Students are not serious.

·        Tend to attract students who are just looking for something to do or people who are not interested in your school, your style or your skills and knowledge, but were enticed by "free" and “cheap” deals.

·        People will expect you to be a charity, and to be a charity forever, even when your financial situation has changes for the worse.

·        Tend to attract undesirable characters who are greedy and only want to get free and cheap things for themselves without giving anything back to society. These are leaches who have a tendency to suck everybody dry if given the chance.