Vajra Fist Stick Fighting Competition Rules

Medical Considerations
A First Aid officer must be in attendance. 

A medical doctor must be in attendance. 

All bouts are based on encounters basis and are not based on time.
The referee of the fight is the final arbiter of any scores. 
The referee of the fight will be assist in making decisions about any scores by the judges. 
The Master of Tournament Rules shall be the final arbiter for any interpretation of the tournament rules. 
In the event of any disputes, complaints or doubts,   the referees and judges will be guided by video footages of the fights. 

All contestants should wear suitable and effective protection for at least:-
*  eyes
*  head
*  neck
*  hands
*  forearm
*  body

Although not compulsory,   protection for the following is highly recommended:-
*  elbows
*  knees
*  groin
*  shins

Contestants shall use only the prescribed padded stick provided by the tournament organiser. 
A new padded stick should be used for every fight. 
The tournament organiser shall make available the padded stick which should be used in the competition.

Only strikes that are judged to be effective count as a score. 
The referee should stop each encounter the moment a score is awarded.
A fight comprses a total of 10 encounters.  
The contestant with the higher number of scores is the winner of the fight. 
Equal number of scores results in a draw.
In the event of a draw,  both contestants will be eligible for the next fight. 
In the event of a draw for the First Place,  the fight will be extended by 5 encounters.

Training of Judges and Referees
Judges and referees for the competition will be trained in the scoring system. 
The competition organiser will be responsible for ensuring there are sufficient judges and referees for the competition.