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3 Simple Steps to Slim by Susan Lark, M.D. * New! Added 28 April 2005

Aging and Exercise by Stewart G. Eidelson, M.D. * New! Added 28 April 2005


The following articles have been written and pending to be published:-

Motivation and exercises.html

Advice on Stretching Exercises by John Chow.html

Aging and Flexibility.html

Sports injury - RICE or MICE.html

Recommended Common Stretches.html

Benefits of Stretching.html

Stretching Basics.html

Types of Stretches.html

Purpose of Stretching.html

Importance of Warming up.html


Knee Rehabilitation.pdf

Exercise as Cancer treatment.html

Types of Physical Therapy.doc

Exercises for health.html



The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Recommended Strengthening Exercises

Strength Training for Kids

Kung Fu for Kids by John Chow

Tips For Flexibility Training

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