What is Universal Energy/What is Prana?

Universal Energy (prana) is a vital life force found throughout nature and amongst its major constituent solar energy. All living things (animals, plants and micro-organism) must have Universal Energy or Prana to enable and sustain their life.

This prana is the subtle energy that sustains all life. It is a cosmic or universal energy that is present everywhere in the universe. It is the energy that is required for any orgainism, from the smallest bacteria to the largest whale to grow. It is the energy required for us to bend a finger or raise an eyelid. Therefore, it is the very energy that or organs, glands and tissues require to grow and function.

Universal Energy is the energy that permeates and binds the universe together. This living energy field can be tapped by the application of focussed will and drawn into the human body and transformed, by the chakra system into a more usable forms of energy.


The Energy Body and Energy Channels

It is rather obvious we have a physical body that we can see and touch. This body is reliant on energy for sustenance. So, our physical bodies are full of energies. These energies permeate the whole of our bodies, and extend further than our physical bodies.

Such bodies are termed ‘etheric bodies’. Sometimes, they can be perceived as an outline of our bodies. The phenomena of Kirlian photography will show this sort of bodies.

The etheric body is like an energy body that is the double of the physical body. Actually, it is more the other way around. The etheric body is the blueprint from which the physical body arose. That is, the conditions that manifest in the physical body were actually already present in the etheric body prior to that.

Thus, illnesses and conditions actually manifest in the etheric body prior to manifesting in the physical body. If we are to attempt to get to the root of an illness, then the correct strategy would be to treat the etheric body as most illnesses have their cause there. So, if we treat the etheric body, then the changes will flow through to the physical body.

The energy of the etheric body is bioelectric in nature.


Other Bodies

Are there other bodies? Yes, there are other bodies. The number is not determinate because it depends on the perception, understanding and background of the viewer.

Some systems say there are 7 bodies:- physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental, ketheric. Some systems have 5 bodies - body, speech, mind, function, activity.

Some categorise the 5 bodies from a different perspective, eg the Tantric approach has the Nirmanakaya, Sambhogakaya, Dharmakaya, Svabhavakaya, Sahajakaya. Some other systems have only 3 bodies - Body, Speech, Mind. Similarly, some systems that have 3 bodies have different concepts to express this principle. eg the Taoist have the principle of Ching, Chi, Shen.

That is why I say "the number is not determinate because it depends on the perception, understanding and background of the viewer "

These different systems are only different models that are used to explain the same thing. Everything can be explained in terms of a model. It is not wise not to judge what model is right, wrong or best. I consider the test for a good model is:-

1) It works consistently.

2) It can explain phenomena the system produces without resorting to dogma.

3) It is internally consistent.

4) There are factual evidence to support its theories

As long as a system has the above characteristics, the system has a good model.

The auric bodies absorb, distribute and energises the whole physical body with prana. They also act as a mold or pattern upon which the physical body is based. Sicknesses or disorder are actually present in the auric bodies before manifesting in the physical body.

Certain toxic waste are expelled by the auric bodies (as I Chi Kung exercises). The auric bodies also act as a shied or layer of protection against negative energies as well as germs and viruses.


 What are Chakras?

"Chakra" is the Sanskrit word for wheel or circle.

Chakras are points on the human body which absorb raw energy from the universe and transform them into more "physical" forms that can be used by the body. The energy are then distributed throughout the body by a complex network of energy channels or meridians.

To claivoyants, chakras are viewed as spinning discs of lights, or as spinning funnels of energy that enter our bodies. These spinning movememts may be compared to the fast rotation of a moving fan or a tornado which sucks in large amount of energy.


What are the Main Functions of Chakras?

Chakras are energy gateways responsible for inflows and outflows of energy into and between the various bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). The energy flow in chakras is bi-directional - ie. inflows and outflows. A healthy chakra is able to attract or release energy as needed, and is open to or absorb positive influences and shut out or filter to harmful influences. We are are constantly exchanging energy with their environment through the chakras. Wastes products are released and new healing energies are taken in.

Chakras facilitate the flow and interchange of energy from subtle bodies by stepping them down so that they can be used by our physical body. Universal energy, it its raw and basic form, cannot be immeditely and readily used by our bodies. The chakras absorb and filter universal energy and process them so that they can be used by our bodies.

Chakras also release energy into the environment. They thus also serve as elimination points.

Thus chakras:


Relation Between Chakras and Acupuncture Points

Acupuncture points are also energy entry and exit points. However, there are smaller than the chakras in size and in the throughput of energy. Modern research show that acupuncture points have a characteristically low electrical resistance, hence better electrical conductivity, thus indicating that electrical charges would find their way into our body through these points.

Physiologically speaking, chakras are junctures of subtle energy channels. Dr. David Tansely, a radionics expert in his book "Radionics and Subtle Bodies" states that the 7 major chakras are formed at the points when the standing lines of light cross each other 21 times. Thus, chakras are analogous to an intersection or meeting energy channels, and are ‘charged’ with energy. The more energy channels intersecting at a particular chakra, the "bigger" the chakra is, indicating chakras are locations where energy is concentrated due to interconnection of energy channels.


Relation of Chakras to the Nervous System

It is also noted that the location of the 7 chakras seem to correspond to the major nerve plexus. This indicates that nerve are also pathways of energy originating from our nervous system. It apears that chakras are attached to the spinal cord and nervous system (this also includes the spiritual column and the spiritual nervous system) via certain nerve ganglia.


How Many Chakras Are There?

There are many chakras on the body. In most spiritual systems, there are 7 major chakras and 21 minor chakras and many more smaller ones (a few hundred). The acupuncture points may be regarded as very, very small chakras, but they are usually not refered to as chakras since they are not significant in the discussions on chakras. Thus, by convention, chakras refer to the 7 major chakras and the 21 minor chakras.

The full chakra system is extremely complex. There are also several non-physical chakras situated outside of the body. Detailed maps of the chakra system and their connecting meridians and pathways, have been used for thousands of years in Eastern mysticism and medicine, i.e. acupuncture.


What Colour Are the Chakras?

Chakras are actually colourless but when viewed by a clairvoyant, the energy influx may be attributed a colour schema which correspond to their respective vibrations.


Why so many Chakras?

Our bodies have many organs, functions and systems, and our minds and emotions are complex. Therefore, different types of energies are required.

Each chakra rotates at a different speed, thus the energies we absorb into our bodies are of different frequencies, thus have different properties, functions and attributes. The common basic life energy of the universe is thus processed by the various chakras to be used by different parts of the body, mind and emotion.


Chakras and Psychic Phenomena and 'Miracles'

The chakras are used with every psychic or 'miraculous' ability. Whatever the psychic ability, the religious bias, the method of development or the terminology used to describe the phenomena, chakra stimulation is invariably involved. It is impossible to manifest any psychic ability without first stimulating the chakras.

Some psychics, ‘miracle workers’, mediums or charismatics may claim they have never done any chakra or energy development. However, there are many ways to develop oneself, and in the final analysis, they all, directly or indirectly, stimulate the chakra system. ('There are many ways to skin a cow'). People with natural psychic abilities are born with already opened or developed chakras, and hence, natural psychic ability.

One does not have to concentrate on the chakras in order to stimulate them. Whenever one meditates or prays, the chakras are stimulated. When one concentrates, the chakras are stimulated. Certain exercises, like Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung involve active stimulation of the chakras. Even our moods and emotions influence the activity of the chakras.


Chakras and the Saints

Holy saints and spiritually evolved people have developed their Forehead and Crown chakras to fulness. These chakras blossom in the full spendour of their energy, appearing as a subtle haze of light/energy(the halo) around their heads (and sometimes bodies), as perceived by sensitive people. It looks like a round disc of radiating light when viewed from the front. This is true of all great saints of every religion.

Chakras are considered to be important points for the channelling of consciousness, and energy linking the physical with the spiritual (connectors or stepping down stations between our different bodies).


Chakras and the Aura

The chakras interconnect the auric bodies, stepping down from the most subtle bodies to the gross physical body. They may be considered to be a part of the auric bodies.


How Is Health Maintained?

This is a multi billion dollar question! In short, our body comprise several systems. eg. nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, eliminatory system, circulatory system...etc. As long as all these systems are kept in good working order, one can be said to be in good general health. Thus, all disease conditions are due to breakdown in one or more of the systems.

However, paramount and common to all these systems is proper nourishment and elimination. Nourishment does not only mean food and water. Elimination refers to more than elimination of the usual waste products of feaces and urine, sweat, and carbon dioxide.

The importance of nourishment and elimination, should nevertheless, not undermine the importance of the bodily infrastructure of all manners of vessels, nerves, channels, passages, and pathways use to carry nutrient or waste products.

Thus, the human body is a dynamic conduct or flow of energies passing through seemingly flesh and bones. If this flow is free and well regulated, nutrients will be able to arrive to nourish our cell tissues, and waste products can be efficiently eliminated, then there is health. This is the picture of health from an esoteric point of view.


How Are Our Bodies Nourished ?

The air we breathe contains not only physical oxygen, but also subtle pranic molecules which nourishes our bodies via our lungs and are distributed mainly via the respiratory system. Similarly, the food we eat contains not only physical nutrients, but also subtle pranic energy which are absorbed through our digestive system and are distributed mainly via the circulatory system. Thus, prana operates on a holistic level, system level, organ level and cellular level.

Rhythmic breathing stimulates the chakras to assimilate Prana or Universal Energy for processing and distribution through the network of thousands of minute pyschic channels or meridians (nadis). Prana continuously flow through the body to vitalise and revitalise body tissue and increase body energy as a whole.

The food we eat also contains subtle Prana which are absorbed via our digestive system and distributed throughout the body mainly via the circulatory system. This is bodily nutrient via physical food and water.

Thus, we continually receive energy through:-

This is how our human bodies are nourished.

As long as the inlet or sources of energy, and the systems of assimilation, distribution and elimination are functioning properly, and we do not lose too much energy through abuse or malfunction, we remain healthy.


Cause of Illnesses

There are both physical/external as well as non-physical/internal causes. Physical causes include viruses, germs, poisons, toxins, malnutrition, pollutants, lack of exercises and physical injuries. Non-physical causes include pranic depletion, pranic congestion, pranic contamination, energy imbalances in the etheric/auric bodies, the emotions and the mind, psychic or spirit disturbances and karma.

Whatever the original cause was, the etheric body with its bioelectrical energy is the closest to the physical body and so many illnesses can be traced directly there. Generally, the causes can be narrowed down to either or a combination of the following:-

All the above can be caused or aggravated by the malfunction of our chakras or channels which are responsible for the absorption or release of Universal Energy and its distribution, and by deletion, excess, congestion or contamination of our auric bodies.


Psychosomatic Illnesses

Uncontrolled emotions and inhibitions such as strong anger, worry, irritation, frustrations, stress, suppressed feelings, sudden fright and guilt have undesirable effect on the auric bodies and the chakra system.

Eg. Anger and frustration causes a pranic turmoil in the solar plexus chakra which may manifest as indigestion or bowel problems. This may later result in ulcers, and eventually even bowel cancer. On the other hand, it may manifest as heart problems.

Anger tends to devitalise and drain the auric body of energy, making the body susceptible to diseases. It is as if anger had used up and burnt up a lot of emotional energy.


 Defective Chakras

 A chakra may be classified as defective in the following cases:-


What may cause a chakra to be defective or malfunction?

There are many causes. Below are some examples.

Traumas may cause a chakra to "shrink" its activities, resulting in being under-activity. Symptoms are hypersensitivity and closed mindedness, weakness due to not having enough energy,

Sudden fright or trauma may cause a chakra's shields or filters to be "torn", thus leaving it vulnerable to intrusion as well as leakage of energy, and thus weaken the body, emotions and mental stability of the person. People with "torn" chakras will be vulnerable to external influences, hypersensitivity due to feeling the "emotions and thoughts of others", easily frightened, weak as though lacking energy (due to uncontrolled energy leakages).......etc. In extreme cases, this loss in protection may allow spirit or demonic influences to enter the person's field and attach themselves. This last scenario is termed 'possession'.

Sometimes chakras are over-active. This manifests usually as exaggeration of activities or functions related to that chakra. Typical symptoms of this condition may be hyperactivity of some sort, insomnia, or hyprtension. In some cases, over-activation may be caused by the chakra trying to compensate for another chakra that is underactive, but could not ‘wind down’ for some reasons.

A congested chakra means there is a lot of energy at the chakra, but the energy is not getting though the chakra into the body. A possible cause could be blockages in the energy pathways from that chakra to other chakras, or from the chakra to its related organs, glands and tissues.

Some chakras have absorbed dirty energy and are thus polluted. This tend to block up the chakras and hinder the energy throughput. In this case, the chakra is congested with bad energy.

If a chakra, is blocked, it will not be able to absorbed sufficient Prana or Universal Energy. Consequently, its associated glands and organs will be depleted and an associated illness will eventually manifest.

If a chakra is not working effectively, another chakra may have to work harder to compensate for this deficiency. This may over-stress the entire system, eventually causing an illness. This is a secondary effect.

Some chakras may be structurally defective, thus, reducing the filtering ability of that chakra. In such cases, unwholesome influences or spirit entities may be able to attach to the person and cause undesirable behaviour, perhaps possession at worst. This is the case in all psychic attacks or spirit possession. The tear or structural damage may also result in reduced ability to absorb energy. Energy throughput will thus also be reduced, eventually resulting in illnesses.

Other defects in the chakra symptoms may be due to being over-active or under-active, lack of energy, congestion, dirty energy.


General Discussion on the Location of Chakras

The location, size, colour, functions and attributes of the chakras differ slightly in different spiritual systems. Eg. Some systems locate the 7 major chakras in the front of the body. Some locate them at the back of the body. Some locate them towards the middle of the body, with the frontal and back aspects as well. Also, some systems have a Solar Plexus Chakra instead of the Navel Chakra. Some have a Sacral Chakra as well as a Basic/Root Chakra, whereas others do not have a Sacral Chakra.

The numbering sequence of chakras are also different in different systems. In general, they are either top - down or bottom - up. In addition, the emphasis on chakras vary with each system. Some consider the Crown Chakra to be the highest chakra and most important. Some consider the Heart Chakra to be most important. Still others consider the Solar Plexus Chakra to the the centre of the chakra system.

The sequence of training and the energy path is also different. In Indian yoga, the path starts at the base of the spine and ascends to the crown, ie. upward direction.

However, in some other systems, the energy descends from the crown to the feet.

In Taoist systems, it is both ways - a balance. That is, the yogi reaches for the heavens, while being grounded and having a solid base to operate. In other words, nourished by the energies of the heavens and the earth at the same time.

Whatever the system one practises, as long as the method is internally consistent, and the teacher is qualified, one will progress along the path.


My View of the Location of Chakras

Each chakra is paired and has a front and a back side to it, except for the Root and Crown chakras, which can almost be regarded as a complementary pair. The front side relates to feelings, and the back side relates to willpower and action.


Sizes of Chakras

Chakras in our bodies vary in sizes, and the various systems ascribe different sizes to them. The size of a major chakra ranges from about a centimeter in diameter to between 4 to 6 inches in diameter. The differences in opinion can perhaps be attributed to the different subtle bodies that the clairvoyants focus on. The closer the body, eg. the etheric body, the smaller the is the size of the chakra. This is because the chakra activity has a funnel shape.


Functions and Charateristics of Chakras In General

Each chakra corresponds to certain body systems, glands (especially endocrine glands) and organs.



Difference Between Universal Energy and Human Energy

All healing energy come from the same basic source. Healing energy is a form of the universal energy that the universe is comprised of. However, many healing systems have postulated that the nature of healing energy is the basic and raw form of universal energy. This is a misunderstanding. Human energy is not the same as basic and raw universal energy. It is not the same energy as sunlight, moonlight, or the energy of food or minerals. Neither is it the same energy as found in coal or uranium that we use to make electricity. Neither is it the same as the electricity generated from such products. Neither is it the same as the energy in our food and drink. Neither is is the same as heat.

However, there is a relationship between human energy and basic Prana or Universal Energy and sunlight, moonlight, coal uranium, food, minerals .......etc. First of all, there are all energy - and that is a fact verfiable by Western science. Secondly, they can be converted or transformed into another form through appropriate processes.

To elaborate on this second point:-

Sunlight can be transformed into plant energy through photosyntheis and become plant cells. Carbon dioxide is similarly used during that process. Sunlight, which is light and hot and drying is not the same as plant energy which is cooling and moist in nature.

The food we eat have various nature and properties. Some are heaty, some are cooling. Some are cleansing. Some are light. Other are heavy and gluggy. Our bodies digest these and assimilates those foods, and process the energy from them to be used as life sustaining energy for our bodies - in other words, human energy.

The air we breathe is energy. But it is different from human energy. Humans can not simply take the energy of oxygen and use it directly as human energy. We have to breathe in the oxygen and let our respiratory system process the oxygen and transport that to our cells where, through a complicated metabolic process, the energy from the oxygen is transformed into energy that our bodies can use. That end product is a type of human energy.

Not all forms of energies are the same. They need to be processed and transformed in order to be used for any particular purpose.

Thus, basic Prana or Universal Energy is an inclusive term. It has many forms. Our bodies, rocks, plants, mountains, water, air........etc are all manifested forms of Universal Energy.

As humans, we are also a form of Universal Energy, and our energy bodies are similarly different forms of energies that have been appropraitely processed. For the sake of simplicity and categorization, we call the energy of human beings ‘human energy’ or ‘universal human energy’. Sometimes, we even call it ‘universal energy’, but we do not mean the basic and raw Universal Energy (or the basic pure energy of God/Creator).

Taoist yogis are said to principally absorb the energy of the heavens, cosmos and earth. Of these three major groups of energy, heavenly chi is the purest and most basic or raw. It is perhaps closest to Universal Energy.


Nature of Human Energy

Many healing systems have tried to postulate and explain what is the nature of human energy. But whatever the postulation, we must still be factual and arrive at conclusions based on the fact that human life depends on the health and vitality of minute cells that comprise the human body, and the impulses that they receive to stimulate them in their various functions.


In other words, the energy that is responsible for maintaining our health is the energy that each cell contains, and the energy impulses it receives. The energy that it has is the energy it has received and processed for its sustenance, and these in their raw form are food nutrients, oxygen, Universal Energy, and various grades and types of energy…etc. In their cellular form, such life energies are electromagnetic or bioelectric in nature. The brain is perhaps the most important of the nervous system. It send impulses through the nervous system to all parts of the body, in fact, to all the cells in the human body, giving precise directions to the cells to grow, create, destroy, self-destruct, process raw energy.....etc, in fact to do everything minute task. What is the nature of these impulses? They seem to exhibit some minute electrical charges and thus are similar to electricity, but not the same as the electricity in an electrical wire. Since this energy is found in living organisms, it is called ‘bioelectric’.

We know that atoms seem to be electrical charges (the electrons being negative charge and the protrons being positive charge). In a similar way, the cells of the human body also seem to display energy in the form of electrical charges. Thus, both the cells and the impulses that are sent to trigger their resposes and development are electrical in nature. Since they are no inanimate electricity, we term them bioelectric. Thus it can be concluded that human energy is electromagnetic or bioelectric in nature.

Even the bioelectric energy impulses transmitted by the brain is not the same as the very life energy of each cell in the body. Thus it is wrong to say that human energy or human Chi is the same as basic Universal Energy. Perhaps this would correct the mistaken view that 'Energy is energy, and all energies are the same'.  


Use of Chakras in Maintaining Health


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Each chakra corresponds to certain glands and organs. A healthy chakra is able to attract or release energy as needed.

As chakras absorb energy into our bodies, it is sometimes very important to live in a pleasant and clean enviroment.

Places with lots of greens and fresh air are conducive to health.

There are many techniques to open, strenghten, and balance the chakras. UHE is a powerful method to open chakras and input energy into chakras.




Cleansing the Chakras


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There are several ways to clean the chakras. The most common is to visualize energy entering the chakras, spinning them more smoothly, and clearing out blockages.

You can clear the chakras by visualizing cleansing light pouring into them.



How Does Chakra Therapy Work?

Internally, the chakras are connected to the main nerve channels, meridians and minute nadis that feed the associated sympathetic nerve channels, endocrine glands and organs. During healing, the healer transfers prana into the patient’s body system through the appropriate chakras of the patient.

The healing energy has intelligence of its own and will find its way from the chakras to the associated organs/glands that require the energy. The prana can also stimulate the patient’s chakras to spin faster, thus, absorbing vital energy at a higher rate, which in turn vitalises the cells and tissues of the body and stimulate the functioning of the nerve complexes, endocrine glands and organs.

Although all energy points and channels of our bodies are functioning, they are not functioning at an optimum rate. Malfunctioning and blockages result in lower energy absorption of our tissue cells which eventually causes disease conditions.

The principle used in Chakra Therapy is to transfer energy to the sick person via the chakras to eleviate this condition.


How Can the Healer Do This Transfer?

How can the healer do this? The chakras of the healer had been activated by an empowerment process to a higher potential, thus are able to spin faster and more efficiently, thus being able to absorb large amounts of Universal Energy. This energy is transfered, via the healer’s hands, to the chakras of the patient which absorb the energy for distribution to the associated organs. All the healer has to do is to have the intention to heal, or to pray, or to meditate …..etc and the healer's chakras will spontaneously spin at a higher rate to absorb more energy for the transference.

Energy tranference is usually perform via the hands or directly via the chakras.


Will the Patient Feel Any Sensation?

Will the patients have any sensations during the healing process? Usually no. However, sometimes, sensitive patients may feel minute sensations of tiny electrical charges of some sort. In this way, the method of Universal Human Energy is different from some energy healing systems, in particular, Chi Kung.


Principle of Optimum Energy

Should the patient attempt to get as much energy as possible? No, everybody at a specific time has an optimum level of energy. Anything less than this indicate deficiency in energy for bodily functions and health. However, excess of energy is not good either as the body can not process further amounts of energy, and yet has some more to eliminate from the system. Thus a pragmatic and balance approach is the safest.



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Pranic Breathing Exercises

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Meditation Exercises

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Source of Energy Used in Healing

In affecting a healing, the healer may tap into various sources of energy. Spiritual healers use the power of prayer and invocation to draw a response from a spiritual source. Pyschic healers draw upon the different energy rays. Some Chi Kung systems draw upon the practitioner’s reserves of energy. Magnetic healers, and some Chi Kung healers use their own electromagnetic energy to contact and manipulate the patient’s energy system. Some Chi Kung systems draw energy from certain objects, like the sky, sun, moon, mountains, lakes, forests …etc to affect a healing.


Faith Versus Receptivity

Patients do not need to believe in the method of healing, neither do they need to have faith in the healer or any god. All that is required is for the patient to relax and to keep quiet and be in a receptive mood. Healing may be impeded or not as effective if patient is opposed to or has strong aversion to the healer.

It s advisable to avoid healers who require patients to believe in them or their religion. The healing energy is universal and can be tapped and used by any body without regard to race, creed, beliefs, culture or religion. It is despicable to misuse one's healing powers for the purpose of converting desperate people who require healing assistance.


Relationship to Western Medical Treatment

Alternative healing is not meant to replace conventional western medical treatment, nor the patient’s therapist. It is meant to be a supplementary and complementary modality. Practitioners should never interfere with the normal medical treatment that a patient is receiving. Regular feedback and medical diagnosis should be regularly obtained from the patient’s medical practitioner.

Therefore, practitioners should try their best to co-operate with the formal medical profession.


Doubts from the New Healer

How does an initiated healer know whether he/she has really obtained the required empowerment? This depends on the healing modality one practises. Always refer to tell-tale signs outlined in the system.

Eg. For practitioners of Chakra Therapy, like Universal Human Energy Method, when meditating on the Crown Chakra, the healer will feel some sensations at the chakra. eg. tension, tightness, spirals, warmth, power, "moving ants", lightness, heaviness, pressure ......etc. This is an indication that there is activity at the chakra. Not all healers obtain the same sensation, but genearally, this is the case.

The real litmus test is to obtain definite results from actually performing a lot of healing work and analysing the statistics.

Will the initiate feel anything during the empowerment? Usually no, although sometimes, sensitive people may feel some tiny sensations. This also depends on the systems used. Systems like Chi Kung tend to work more on the etheric body and thus the sensations are more pronounced.

Sometimes, the healer will feel a sort of tiny electrical discharge from his hands passing into the patients. This tend to happen for certain patients only.


Charges, Fees and Donations

This depends on the system and the individual. While some regard the healing ministry as sacred and healing should not be involve money, it is also true that the patient's conditions are governed by certain spiritual laws which necessitate some 'compensation' be affected. Healers should learn to be humble and accept the laws that the Creator has given and not let their pride of not 'falling into corrupt sin' prevent them from doing the best for their patients.

Healing is not the responsibility of the healer alone. The patient must really want to be healed. Occasionally, the subconscious reluctance to be healed may hinder the progress of healing. The patient must make an effort to be healed. The patient must try to meet the healer half way. If the patient is willing and happy to pay for the healer's services, this would constitute a wish to be healed.

Economically speaking, a patient should take on the responsibility of maintaining the healer's livelihood. Healers are human beings with social and family responsibilities too. Patients who EXPECT free services from a healer are indicating that they do not care whether healers exist or not, and thus exibhiting a disdain for the healing that they want to receive. Such SELFISH attitudes will not help the healing process.

It is therefore a healers right and responsibility to charge for services. And in some cases, it is very advisable to charge. (In karmic cases, it is NECESSARY to charge, in addition to advising the patient to do lots of charity and repentance)


Warnings About False Teachers - Mental Instability

Psychic and spiritual phenomena is full of dangerous traps for the unwary. Such undertakings involve changes to the mind and the energy systems of the body. Mistakes can bring about mental, psychological and emotional impairment which can be dangerous. Physical discomfort and illness may result for the more fortunate of those who make mistakes.

It is therefore advisable to learn from teachers.

There are many teachers who have fallen into the traps themselves and are still teaching widely. Some do not even know the dilemma they are in. Some try to hide their errors from their students. As a result, the lives of many students have been ruined.

Many teachers may claim to be able to open chakras, but actually most of them can not open chakras at all. They may be very skillful at magnetising and cleansing and unblocking chakras, but opening chakras is a different operation.

Because chakras are very subtle and not easy to open, not even many teachers have their own chakras opened themselves. As a result, many students have a premature or uncontrolled activation of the Kundalini and become deranged. In a lot of cases, this resulted in permanent psychological damage.

There are some very famous and highly regarded teachers who may not be what they seem. It is very difficult for students to gauge what level the teachers are at - to do that they must already be close to or even have surpassed the teacher! Some teachers are very powerful, but they have either wrong or dangerous paths, or are affected with the psychological problems themselves.

It is advisable for prospective students to examine the teacher carefully before accepting the teacher.


Other Forms of Energy Healing


After Course follow-Up Training and Consultation


Questions and doubts are welcome.