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Meditation made easy!  


Buddha realised that ignorance of our true nature is the root of all the dissatisfaction, and the root of ignorance itself is the mind’s habitual tendency to distraction.  Meditation is to gain control over a restless and untamed mind to end its distractions. 


Meditation is just a way to calm down our neurotic mind and so that we can discover the great peace and tranquillity within ourselves.  It is like coming home to rest in comfort and security. 


In meditation,  we sit with a serene open, skylike boundless attitude of mind, yet remain present, earthed, and grounded.  Whatever you see, hear, feel, sense or think,   just leave note and observe.   Do not follow them.  Just let them go naturally of their own accord.  Do not allow your likes and dislikes to keep them or reject them.  Do not fight to retain and prolong.   Do not fight to keep away either.  Do not struggle.  Just relax and let go.  Rest your body, emotions and mind.   Relax,  be natural,  and let go of all cares and concerns.  Merely sit in tranquil restful peace.  Relax,  but remain awake, alert and watchful.      Be present,  have Presence.  This is the main gist of my way of meditation. 


Easy Meditation is part of the Easy Series (trademarked) created by Sifu/Guro John Chow.


Written by Guro John Chow,  a TCM practitioner, masseur, healer, martial arts and spiritual teacher. 

@2004 copyright


To be continued …………….