What is the Truth?

By John Chow   of Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute, Melbourne, Australia


"Truth is undefinable and unfathomable by humankind because it about the absolute.  Humankind and the manifested universe belong to the relative.  The absolute truth can not be found by human concepts and reasoning.  Humans can not realise the absolute truth through any reasoning, conceptualisation, religion, organisation, creed, dogma, priest, master, prophet, scripture, ritual, philosophy, or psychology.  At times,  these may help and guide humans to the truth.  However,  at other times, they also hinder and obscure the truth.  
Truth can only be experienced and realised for oneself  -  and only when one has broken down and through the habitual conceptualisations that bind us to this manifested universe.  One must breakout of this world to realise the truth.  It is a personal thing.  Each realised for himself,  by observing oneself.  It can only be realised after breaking out from this endless prison of our minds that has held us in captivity for endless eons. 
Nothing that is said about the truth is really true because we are thinking and analysing,  and we are expressing our thoughts which are relative,  and we are using language and ideas which are relative.  
Everything in our phenomenal world is created and will undergo growth, decay and destruction.  The truth is not created,  and therefore is never destroyed.  It does not exist under our phenomenal existence.  It is beyond our world of existence in the sense that it is not of our world.  Our world is created.  Everything in our world is created.  Our thoughts, thinking, intellect, analysis, philosophy and psychology revolve around our experiences and observations of this relative world.  The truth is beyond all these.  Therefore discussions on the truth are useless!  
May God bless you!

John Chow

Practitioner of Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, masseur, healer and teacher of martial arts and spiritual paths.

30 April 2005


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