Factors that trigger arthritis and may influence treatment and recovery





Blood pressure

Body temperatures of the extremities

Susceptibility to heat and cold

Thickness of body fat

General nutrition

Condition of the teeth



Food habits

Allergies, particularly to essential foods

Use of alcohol, tobacco, excess tea or coffee

History of chronic illnesses or systemic diseases

Patterns in use of drugs, particularly for arthritis

History of pain

History of injuries

History of sleep

Anxiety, or nervousness

Use of food supplements, vitamins, minerals and herbs


Work history


Exercise (history, amount of, regularity)


Location of residence

Surgical operations.

Prior treatment for arthritis.


The more you learn about the patient, the more effective will be your treatment.



Written by John Chow,  a practitioner of Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, masseur, healer and teacher of martial arts and spiritual paths in Melbourne, Australia.

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