Treatment Plan for people with Arthritis

A proper treatment plan for people with arthritis comprises of many facets:-

·        pain relief methods (creams, heat, exercises, medication, acupuncture etc.)

·        regular exercises program

·        proper diet (avoidance, vegetables, fish etc.)

·        supplements (vitamins, minerals, glocosamine, chondroitin  sulphate, fish oils, commercial products such as Vemma etc.)

·        medication (allophatic, herbal, homeophatic etc.)

·        physiotherapy program (mainly exercises and stretches)

·        massage

·        weight reduction (optional)

·        deep breathing exercises (optional)

·        rest and relaxation (optional)

·        acupuncture (optional)

·        surgery and joint replacement (optional)


Exercise and diet are an important part of a comprehensive arthritis treatment plan.


To date, no allopathic/western treatment or drug can prevent, cure, or reverse the progress of arthritis or osteoarthritis.  Present treatments merely relieve the symptoms. Therefore the treatment plan is a strategy to control and manage the disease rather than cure it.


Arthritic patients should read up on the topic of arthritis and then discuss a treatment plan with their doctor or health therapist.


Since the most outstanding complaint of arthritic patients is the pain, immobility  and stiffness, I suggest that this takes the top priority in the treatment plan. That is why I have placed ‘pain relief methods’ on top of the treatment plan.


Chinese medicated ointments, creams and wines may also help in certain types of arthritis when used together with massage and acupuncture.


The doctor or health therapist should give instructions on proper daily movements (walking, lifting, sitting, etc.) as well daily exercise of the joints.


The arthritic patient should receive one-on-one attention from the health provider, who should have a positive attitude and open to explore alternatives mind-body therapies such as guided imagery and meditation.




Written by John Chow,  a practitioner of Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, masseur, healer and teacher of martial arts and spiritual paths in Melbourne, Australia.

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