Ranking in Traditional Tai Chi Chuan for Self Defence and Combat (as a martial art)
















Intermediate I
Aim:  Deepen student’s understanding of the Tai Chi forms by practising the meaning and application of the movements.  It is only by repetitious practice of the individual martial arts applications (Shan Zao) that one may understand the postures, movements and their requirements.


Combat Applications:-

From the  Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Form   (sample video clip)

From the Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Form      (sample video clip)


Pushing Hands:-

Moving Steps Push

 a)  2,2 steps                        (sample video clip)

 b)  2.5, 3 steps                    (sample video clip)


Intermediate II
Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Sabre   (sample video clip)

Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Sabre     (sample video clip)


Pushing Hands:-

Chi Shou (Mo Shou) (Free Format Push) Equivalent to advanced Easy Pushing Hands of Easy Tai Chi ™.         (sample video clip)


Intermediate III
Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Sword         (sample video clip)

Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Sword           (sample video clip)


Pushing Hands:-

Seven Star Push                    (sample video clip)


Advanced I
Aim:  To strengthen the student, ground the feet, unblock energy channels, and develop Internal Power. 

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Spear/Pole                            (sample video clip)

Standing Meditation and Power Postures of Vajra Bodhi


Pushing Hands:-

Ta Lu        (sample video clip)


Advanced II

Aim:  To exercise the channels and sinews and to develop Internal Power in order to generate powerful strikes and withstand blows to certain parts of the body. 

Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Nei Kung (internal strength)       (sample video clip)

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Nei Kung (internal strength)    (sample video clip)


Pushing Hands:-

Combination Moving Steps Push       (sample video clip)



Advanced III

Aim:  Develop speed, timing, distancing, evasion, flow, and footwork via applying tai Chi Chuan fighting techniques.  Develop sensitivity and deepen understanding of Tai Chi Chuan principles.  This 2 person set is a treasure of the Yang family Tai Chi Chuan.

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi 2 Person Sparring Set          (sample video clip)


Pushing Hands:-

Free Push             (sample video clip)

Tai Chi Pushing Hands for Self Defence      (sample video clip)


Advanced IV


Yang/Wu Tai Chi Combat Boxing       (sample video clip)  (sample video clip) 

                                                          (sample video clip)  (sample video clip)
Section 1 (Grasp Bird’s Tail, Cross Hands, Pi Shen Zhui, Ban Lan Zhui)

Section 2 (Ti Shou – Groin/Rib/Chin Strikes, Lifting Up, Kick Defence, Arm Break)

Section 3 (Peng – Fist Defence1, Fist Defence 2, Kick Defence 1, Kick Defence 2)

Section 4 (Lu Arm Break, Arm Twist, Single Push, Double Diagonal Push)

Section 5 (White Stork,

Section 6 (Brush Knee – Fist Defence 1, Fist Defence 2, Fist Defence 3, Kick Defence)

Section 7 (

Section 8 (

Section 9 (

Section 10 (

Section 11 (

Section 12 (

Section 13 (

Section 14 (

Section 15 (

Section 16 (

Section 17 (

Section 18 (


Advanced V


Vajra Elbows      (sample video clip)

Vajra Boxing       (sample video clip)

The incredible ‘Folding Hand’ of Yap Siu Ting.     (article)  (article)  (article)


Note:-   The Tai Chi Boxing of the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan taught by Master Rocky Kwong (formerly of Melbourne) is the same content as Section 1 of the Tai Chi Boxing taught by Master John Chow.


Advanced VI

Aim:  Mastery of Tai Chi Chuan

Wu Wei Meditation

Chi Kung for Healing and Self Protection       (sample video clip)



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