Yang Style Tai Chi Boxing

Yang Style Tai Chi Boxing is the boxing aspect of Tai Chi Chuan.  Like Pushing Hands, it is based on Tai Chi Chuan principles of yielding and flowing and re-directing with the opponent's force.  Because it is based on relaxation,  Tai Chi Boxing is incredibly fast and changes direction very quickly.  

Tai Chi Boxing may look similar to Western Boxing  or  Kickboxing,  but is totally different in concept and application. 

Yang Style Tai Chi Boxing and Wu Style Tai Chi Boxing are very similar. 

Tai Chi Boxing is very effective form of defence,  but is very rare nowadays.    Most so-called Tai Chi Chuan masters are not adequautely trained in it.    The following Yang and Wu Style practitioners can be regarded as having been trained:-

Yang Style
*  Yap Siu Ting (the late, of Penang and Taiwan)
*  Lu Tong Pau (the late, of Penang, Malaysia)
Sifu Chok (the late, of Penang, Malaysia)
*  William Chen (the late,  of New York)
*  John Chow (Melbourne, Australia,  formerly of Sabah, Malaysia)

Wu Style

*  Cheng Tin Hung (Hong Kong)
*  Rocky Kwong (Formerly of Melbourne, Australia)
*  John Thirwell (Melbourne, Australia)
*  Mark (?)  -  a medical student from Melb University in 1975

*  Cheng Yu Fook (Melbourne, Australia,  currently Sabah, Malaysia)
*  John Yuen (Melbourne, Australia)
*  Brian McGregor (Melbourne, Australia)
*  Robert Chow (Melbourne, Australia,  formerly of Sabah, Malaysia)
*  Jack Shelton (Melbourne)

*  Tony Duck

*  Clive Young