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The martial art of the Philippines
Coming events!


Special workshops/seminars! 


We will be hosting either grandmaster Tony Diego  or  Master Romy Macapagal.


Date:  (tentatively)  late August or whole of September 2006.


Bringing to you the best of Kalis Ilustrisimo.  Monitor this webpage for further updates. Email Guro John Chow (vajra_master@yahoo.com)  to place yourself on our mailing list. 


Grandmaster Tony Diego was the first student, and the foremost and most senior student of the legendary late grandmaster Antonio Tatang Ilustrisimo who was the most feared sword fighter in the last half of the 20th Century in Philippines.


Tatang Ilustrisimo who was famous for his skill with the sword, was a secretive man who only revealed his true art in private sessions to a few select senior students at his own house. Tony Diego and Romy Macapagal had the special privilege of training directly under Tatang Ilustrisimo fulltime every day for a number of years – a privilege that no other senior students had.


Thus, it is said that Tony Diego obtained the best technical skills in Kalis Ilustrisimo, while Romy Macapagal obtained the best theoretical knowledge and historical background in Kalis Ilustrisimo.


Therefore, it is not an exaggeration or boast to state that we are bringing to you the best of Kalis Ilustrisimo. 



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