What is Easy Chi Kung?


*  Simple and Easy to learn.

*  Convenient for busy people with hectic schedules.

*  A delight to learn,  a delight to practise.

*  Does not require strength or talent to practise

*  Suitable for all ages, males or females, weak, elderly, infirm,

    chronically ill,  and those debilitated by long illness. 

*  Requires only a 3 feet by 3 feet space. 

*  An excellent complement for other forms of Chi Kung or Tai Chi. 

*  An excellent requisite or foundation for other forms of Chi Kung (Qi Gong).
*  Non-denomination and non-sectarian


Easy Chi Kung is not only easy to learn,  but easy to teach as well. 

The student can easily and quickly progress to become an instructor. 


Easy Chi Kung
Easy Chi Gong is the a simplified form of Qi Gong created by John Chow.  

What is the Difference Between Traditional Chi Kung and Easy Chi Kung?

Answer:  Easy Chi Kung is based on traditional Chi Kung and has the same flavour.  However,  it is easier to learn and practise.   It uses a small and upright stance.  It does not utilise many complicated movements or the longer and wider stances of traditional Chi Kung. 

 Easy Chi Kung is part of the Easy Series (trademarked) created by Sifu/Guro John Chow.

Written by John Chow @2000 copyright.

Click on the videos below for a sample.

Written by John Chow,  a TCM practitioner, masseur, healer, martial arts and spiritual teacher. 

@2000 copyright