Sifu John Chow’s Teaching History (in brief)


(in chronological order)


1)       Chief Instructor,

          Monash University Tai Chi Club,

          Sports and Recreation Association (Monash Sports).

          1977 - current

2)       Chief Instructor

          Kagyu Ewam Chokorling,


          1980 - 1982

3)       Chief Instructor and Director,

          Taoist Healing Arts Centre,

          (renamed to Amazing and Infinite Centre)


          1986 - current

4)       Chief Instructor and Director,

          Vajra Kali Filipino Martial Arts Centre,

          (renamed to Amazing and Infinite Centre)


          1986 - 1999

5)       Chief Instructor,

          Western Districts Tai Chi Association,


          1989 - 1994

6)       Chief Instructor and Director for Victoria

          Lameco International

          1986 – current

7)       Chief Instructor,

Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute

1999 – current      

8)       Youth TRY Activities Centre:-

           * Easy Tai Chi  (starts 27 April 2005)

           * Kid’s Kung Fu  (starts 27 April 2005)

9)       Kalis Ilustrissimo workshop

          Beijing, October 2005.

10)     Kalis Ilustrisimo workshops

          Hong Kong:-  2011, 2012, 2013



Sifu John Chow also gives private tuition to both beginners and advanced practitioners,  as well as instructors.  


Sifu John Chow was in the first batch of Kung Fu instructors from Victoria to receive government accreditation as martial arts coaches 1n 1987.