Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute

for Health, Self Defence and Spiritual Development


Yellow Bamboo

A Balinese way of spiritual development, healing, and protection


Yellow Bamboo VCDs for sale:   12 Levels have been re-videoed as of October 2004!    

Availability is restricted to Levels 1 to 3 without attending any Yellow Bamboo course.  


Levels 1 & 2 & 3 have been re-shot as of October 2004,  and available at AUD $90.  (approx $30 per level)

Postage free if within Australia.  Add AUD$3.00 for outside Australia)


Levels 1 to 12    AUD $330 only  (discount of $30).    Add AUD$3.00 for postage whether inside or outside Australia.


Note:-   50% of the money received goes to Yellow Bamboo in Bali to build a free clinic for the seriously ill and poor who can not afford medical treatment.  Bali does not have social welfare or social security or private health insurance.  


Audio CDs of practice sessions also available soon!   Please enquire.