Contraindications/Cautions/Warnings of Yellow Bamboo


Yellow Bamboo (Bambu Kuning) is a combination of internal energy (chi /qi/ prana) development and spiritual practices.  It can involve vigorous breathing and holding of breath (pranayama).  Such exercises are not suitable for:-

        the mentally and emotionally unstable.

        pregnant ladies.

        those very weak and debilitated.

        those with weak abdominal peritoneum or are susceptible to hernia.

        those with hypertension, weak blood vessel walls.

        those susceptible to bursting of blood vessels.

        cardiac and vascular weakness or irregularities.


Having stated these contraindications and cautions, it is the responsibility those with the above three conditions or similar should consult not only the Yellow Bamboo teacher before embarking on the practice of Yellow Bamboo, but also a qualified medical physician.




Written by John Chow, a registered practitioner of Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, masseur, healer and teacher of martial arts and spiritual paths, living in Melbourne, Australia.

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Legal Caveat:-

The information provided above is for general reference only.  No martial art technique, no heath prescription, no medical treatment, and no spiritual effort is 100%  foolproof.  Effectiveness depends on a lot of variables,  some of which are not known.  


Any how-to instruction is reserved only for students of the author, and at personal instructional sessions.  The reader is advised to separately obtain training and instruction from a qualified and authorised personnel in the subject area.