Invulnerability and Distant Knock-Down in Yellow Bamboo


While it is admitted that many Yellow Bamboo (Bambu Kuning) practitioners seem to have acquired knockdown/repelling and invulnerability abilities when their lives were genuinely in mortal danger,  the teachings on invulnerability officially begins in Level 9 only. 


Therefore, it is not expect of Yellow Bamboo practitioners to acquire such powers or gifts until Level 9.  However, there has been many reports of such phenomena occurring at lower levels when the practitioner’s life in genuinely in mortal danger.


Pak Serengen attributes this phenomena to the power of Almighty God and the deities of Yellow bamboo who act as his intermediaries.


Practitioners of Yellow Bamboo are not required, at any level, to demonstrate their prowess of invulnerability. Pak Serengen regarded this as “show-off’. However, if they sincerely wish to test their powers in order to exercise it and strengthen it, and to use the experience as encouragement and confirmation that they are going in the correct path, they may do so WITHIN  Yellow Bamboo. The distant knock-down practice in Yellow Bamboo is called “pelontaran”.





Written by John Chow

Practitioner of Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, masseur, healer and teacher of martial arts and spiritual paths in Melbourne, Australia.

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