Amazing Qi Therapy - Level 1

Healing Tao of Tai Chi Chuan


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Conducted by: Master John Chow


Paida Lajin Therapy (enhanced)




Paida Fa (patting, tapping, hitting)


Lajin Fa (traditional Chinese stretching)


Tai Chi Chi Kung (Qigong) for Health


Nine Purification Breath Balancing


Pujiao Fa (Footwork and Legwork)


Tai Chi Chi Gong, including Pujiao Fa, enhances the famous combination of Paida Fa and Lajin Fa making it even more effective!

This combination adds power to your Paida Lajin Therapy.  Increase your effectiveness!



Date:    26 April 2014     City:  Bangkok, Thailand

Date:    27 April 2014     City:  Korat, Thailand.



There are plans to conduct a Level 2 workshop in future.