Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Contact:   John Chow       Email:  vajra_master@yahoo.com 

Mobile:  0415122616    


Tai Chi in the park

Time:   10am – 11am   Saturdays

Place:   Athletics Track,  Rieschiecks Reserve 

              (corner of George Street & Victoria Streets), 

             Doncaster East.   Melway 33 J11

Cost:    $104  for 8 weeks

             or  $16 casual drop-in rate.

             (special rate applies to Monash University Tai Chi Club members)


Tai Chi Workshops

Please read our ‘coming events’ for these.


Several workshops are planned for June, July August and September,  including a repeat of the ‘Introduction to the Quarter Staff ‘  ‘Introduction to Tai Chi Push Hands’  ‘Yang Style Tai Chi Sabre’  workshops. 


These are on both forms and practical applications. If you do not know how to use your Tai Chi as self defence and are ‘dancing gracefully and waving your hands and weapons in the air’, these workshops will help you.


The workshops include:-  Tai Chi Push Hands, Quarter Staff, Sabre, Staff, Sword, etc.


The Push Hands workshops have been designed to bring the students level by level to proficiency.


Sifu John Chow is planning to create a Tai Chi Push Hands Practitioners Society, Tai Chi Staff Fighting Practitioners Society, and Tai Chi San Shou Practitioners Society as specific special interest groups which meet regularly for study and practice. Attendance at the beginning levels of these workshops are a prerequisite for memberships of these societies.


Do not miss out these workshops!




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