Amazing Qi Therapy of Healing Tao of Tai Chi Chuan


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Conducted by:   Master John Chow


Pujiao Fa  (Footwork and Legwork)

Amazing simple DIY health method.    Self help, self healing.    Self discipline.

My health is my responsibility


Enhances the effectiveness of Paida and Lajin Therapy


Strengthens the legs,

Improves gait and balance,

Opens the Gua (gates),

Upflows Qi thru the legs,

Earths the body


heal and vitalise the body.


Axiom in Tai Chi Chuan:  “Boxing is rooted in the feet”.

Without strong legs as the foundation, you will not have the strength or power to do proper boxing.


Amazing QiPujiao Fa consists of:-

·          Amazing QiPu Fa (Footwork).

·          Amazing Qi – Yi Jiao Gong (One Legged Gong).


Other benefits of Pujiao Fa:-

·          Strengthens leg muscles and leg energy channels.

·          Clear blockages in leg channels.

·          Connect the body to the healing Earth.

·          Strengthen tendons/ligaments in hips joints, knees, ankles and feet.

·          Stretch tendons/ligaments in hips joints, knees, ankles and feet.

·          Improve bone density of the bones of the legs.

·          Improve co-ordination.

·          Restore internal balance in central nervous system for healing.