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Home of Stretching


Stretching for arthritis, pain relief, flexibility, health and athletic performance





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Benefits of stretching

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Advice on stretching

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Warm up before stretching

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Stretch before and after exercise

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Floor Stretches

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Advice on Stretching Exercises



Recommended Common Stretches



Benefits of Stretching.html



Stretching Basics.html



Types of Stretches.html



Purpose of Stretching.html



Importance of Warming up.html






10 Basic Stretching exercises.html



Warm up stretches with pictures.doc



Importance of limbering and stretching.html



Stretching Exercises for your Back.doc



The Goals of Rehabilitation.doc



Stretching Principles and Guidelines.doc



Stretching for tennis elbow.doc



Warm up before stretching.html



Stretching Exercises 10.doc



Stretching scientifically.html



Static Stretches.html






Stretches for Golfers.doc



Stretching the arms and hands.html



Standing Lumbar Arching Stretch.html



Benefits of Flexibility Training.doc



Benefits of Stretching.html



Side Flank Stretch.html



Hamstring Stretch



Hip Stretch



Opening the Gua by Stretching



Gastroc / Soleus / Calf  Stretch



Plantar Fascia Stretch.html



Quadricep Stretch



Neck Stretch



Shoulder Stretch



Pectoral Stretch

























Read on stretches for the following:-

Neck   Shoulder    Chest    Back    Hand    Triceps

Hip     Hamstring     Quadriceps     Calf

Flank   Trunk  


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