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Arnis / Eskrima                 Tai Chi Chuan              Yellow Bamboo

Monash University Tai Chi Chuan Club            Monash  University Arnis Club



  Arnis / Eskrima / Kali

   Kim Fung gallery 1

   Kim Fung Gallery 2

   Kim Fung Gallery 3

   Kim Fung Gallery 4   

   Kim Fung

   John Chow with Kim Fung 1

   Jim Glenn

   Guro/Sifu John Chow teaching in Hong Kong

   Guro/Sifu John Chow with students

   Guro/Sifu John Chow September 2004 Bali trip

   Vajra Walking Cane pics

   Return of the Daga to the Attacker

   Guro John Chow with Guro Shamim Hague

   Guro Shamim Hague having gua sha treatment

   Walk like an angel, speak like an angel ……..

   Kickboxing photos 1   (to be updated after 30 March 2005)

   Elbow Strikes of Vajra Bodhi Fist

   Guro John Chow and Kim Fung in Hong Kong July 2005 



  Tai Chi Chuan

Sifu John Chow’s trip to Malaysia June/July 2005 (pdf format)

   John Chow with Master Ho Ah San

   John Chow with Master (Dato) Feng Zai Qing

   John Chow with Master Zhao Wei Dong

   John Chow with Master Koh Ah Tee

   John Chow with Master Lau Kim Hong

   John Chow with Master Wang Jian Zheng 

   John Chow bai shi Master Lau Kim Hong


  Guro John Chow’s trip to Taipei  June/July 2005 (pdf format)

   John Chow with Yang Jia Mi Chuan Tai Chi Chuan

   John Chow with Master Lin Kuan Zheng

   John Chow with Master Gao Yun Wu

   John Chow with Master Guo Zheng Fen

   John Chow with Master Wang Zhun Xiong

   John Chow at Peace Park,  in Taipei, Taiwan.    

   John Chow at Chiang Kai Shek memorial,  in Taipei, Taiwan.  


  Yellow Bamboo

   Guro/Sifu John Chow’s Bali Trip May 2005, part 1   

   Guro/Sifu John Chow’s Bali Trip May 2005, part 2   

   Guro/Sifu John Chow with Pak Chakra of Bali        



Monash University Tai Chi Chuan Club

   Tai Chi and Arnis joint workshop  May 2005      

   Monash Tai Chi Chuan Club  outdoor practice   May 2005  

   Monash Tai Chi Chuan Club demo  August 2005   



  Monash University Arnis Club

   Monash University Arnis Club members photo shots

   Espada y Daga Monash University




   John Chow’s Discipleship Ceremony with Master Lau 

   Kim Fung’s Discipleship Ceremony with John Chow  

   World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day 2006 in Doncaster 



 ……… more to be added,  including videoclips ……. 

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