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Easy Kickboxing / Vajra Kickboxing

Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute

for Health, Self Defence and Spiritual Development


Great may be the man who conquers others 

but much greater is one who conquers himself and ceaselessly helps others


·         Effective, practical and street-wise self defence

  • Simple and easy to learn.     Does not require strength or exertion.    
  • Boxing and kickboxing the safe way. 
  • Great exercise and aerobics workout


Chief Instructor    Master John Chow     (teaching martial arts since 1977)

Apprentice Instructors:-       Kim Fung       Jim Glenn      


Easy Kickboxing and Vajra Kickboxing are created from John Chow’s  long experience of martial arts.  Easy Kickboxing is kickboxing made simple and safe,  yet effective self defence.  Learn to punch, kick, block, parry and defend yourself without fear of encountering the bully thug in class.  Easy Kickboxing is oriented towards martial arts instead of sport boxing.  Emphasis is on self defence rather than boxing ringcraft.  Boxing and kicking can be great fun and contributes to physical fitness and lifestyle.  Brought to you with a wealth of experience by John Chow who has been teaching martial arts since 1977.  Advancement to self defence, stick fighting and weapons training available.  Equipment required:-  light punching gloves (cotton available for sale about $13,  leather available for $25).  Uniform not necessary for introductory 4 week course,  but compulsory for advancement.  Own punching mitts recommended, but not compulsory for 4 week introduction course.