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Healing Tao of Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chi Kung (Qigong) for Health Level 1

Enhances the effectiveness of Paida and Lajin Therapy

Amazing simple DIY health method. Self help, self healing. Self discipline.

My health is my responsibility


Conducted by: Master John Chow


Increases oxygenation of the blood,

Improves blood and Chi circulation,

Lubricates the joints,

Strengthens immunity,


heal and vitalise the body.


Develop and invigorate Qi and blood circulation!

Qi Gong is highly recommended as a supplement to enhance the effectiveness of Paida Lajin Therapy popularised by Master Zhu and Master Xiao.

This set of exercises was specifically designed for Level 1 of Paida Lajin Therapy.


Course contents:

Amazing Qi - Opening Form


Amazing Qi - 9 Breaths prior to Qi Gong or meditation sittings


Amazing Qi Zhuan Fa Gong (Rotational Skill)

Amazing Qi - Zhuan Wan Fa (Wrist Rotation)

Amazing Qi - Zhuan Bo Fa (Ball Rotation)

Amazing Qi - Zhuan Shen Fa (Turning Body)

Amazing Qi - Cloud Hands


Amazing Qi Zhan Zhuang Fa (Standing Postures)

Amazing Qi - Wu Chi Posture.

Amazing Qi - Cultivating the Dantian.

Amazing Qi - Zhan Zhuang of Hugging Tree (abdomen level)


Amazing Q - Pujiao Fa (Footwork and Leg)

Amazing Qi - Pu Fa (Footwork) (Forward, Sideward, Male Triangle, Female Triangle, Ting)

Amazing Qi - Yi Jiao Gong (One Legged Gong)

Amazing Qi - Heel Dropping and Feet Stomping Gong

Amazing Qi - Lohan Deng Jiao (Arahant Stomping Foot)

Amazing Qi - Dribble the Ball on 1 Leg

Amazing Qi - Marching Fa