Paida Fa (Patting and Hitting Therapy) of Healing Tao of Tai Chi Chuan


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Conducted by:   Master John Chow


Paida Fa is a traditional Chinese Medical therapy which utilizes patting/slapping/tapping of certain parts of the body skin areas

to draw out and eliminate “sha” (toxins, stagnated energy) from the muscular tissue outward towards the surface of the skin

(called “Wai” or Exterior in Chinese medicine) where the body’s natural defence mechanism will expel the “sha”.


Therapeutic benefits:  helps alleviate aches, muscle discomfort or weakness, sporting injuries, various ailments

It is often performed at the end of a Qigong session to enhance its therapeutic effects.


It involves vigorous patting, slapping, tapping, slapping or hitting parts of the body with either the hands (palms) or a stick/paddle.


The most important therapeutic principle of Paida Fa is the elimination “sha” or toxins from the body in order to expel toxic blockages

and to ensure a freeflow of Qi in the energy channels to facilitate oxygenation and nutrient supply to blood and tissues, enhance metabolism,

activate the natural physiology of the body, and thus help bring about health and healing.


Paida, Gua Sha and Cupping are effective methods in bringing out endotoxic “sha” and clearing “sha” blockages in the muscle facia and energy channels,

thus ensuring a smooth flow of Qi energy, and thus restoration of health.  It can help improve the body’s capability to remove foreign substances, and improve immunity.


As a part of ancient Chinese folk medicine, Paida Fa is on par with Guasha, Cupping, and Blood-letting.

Paida fa  is usually practise in conjunction with Lajin and Qi Gong. 


Paida Fa is used in Amazing Qi Therapy of Healing Tao of Tai Chi Chuan as:-

1)        The ending part of traditional practice of Qi Gong.

2)        The ending part of traditional Chinese massage (tuina, anmo).

3)        A traditional healing therapy, such as widely expounded by Master Xiao Hongchi in his popular Paida Lajin Therapy

(which is mainly derived from Master Zhu Cheng Xiang of Hong Kong).


All these 3 aspects of Paida Fa will be taught in our seminars and workshops.


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