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Kalis Ilustrisimo Orihinal Repeticion

(Australian branch)


Arnis / Escrima / Kali

(martial art of the Philippines)
“Great may be the man who conquers others, 

but much greater is one who conquers himself and ceaselessly helps others"


Effective, practical and street-wise self defence

Simple and easy to learn.     Does not require strength or exertion.    

Ideal self defence for women.
Armed & unarmed combat, stick, knife, sword, machete, walking stick, cane, kickboxing


Under direct tutelage of grandmaster Tony Diego and master Romy Macapagal


Chief Instructor               Guro John Chow

Apprentice Instructors:-       Kim Fung   Jim Glenn   Gary Ma   Peter Wenzel  

                                              Alex Bellantanio
Candidate Apprentice Instructors:    Charmaine Lye,  Warwick Nesbitt,  Sarina Loo, 

                                                          Chan Weng Hong


Styles of Arnis taught:        Easy Arnis          Kalis llustrisimo           Lameco Eskrima


Available courses:-   

Easy Arnis:            Introduction    Beginner    Intermediate     Advanced   

                                Apprentice Instructor   Instructor

Kalis Ilustrisimo:    Introduction    Beginner    Intermediate     Advanced   

                                   Apprentice Instructor   Instructor

Occasional courses:   (some interesting topics)


Affiliated clubs:

Monash University Tai Chi Chuan Club

Monash University Arnis Club


   Please note that the possession, carrying, buying, selling and carrying of

   Martial Arts weapons is prohibited in Victoria, Australia. 

   Please join the institute or other affiliated clubs of WTPA to gain exemption.


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