Martial Arts Weapons are Prohibited in Victoria!


Tai Chi and Arnis weapons (includes training sticks, sabres, swords, staffs, spears, whatever materials they are made of) are prohibited weapons in the state of Victoria.


Current financial members of Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute automatically qualify to legitimately possess and carry martial arts weapons under the licence exemption created for the Wushu and Tai Chi Practitioners Association, under certain conditions (listed below).


Any student who is not a financial member of the institute, or any student who leaves the institute, must separately apply for their own permit though the Licensing Services Branch of Victoria Police.


Conditions complying with the regulations:-

Members must comply with regulations by:

·        Carry a membership card of the Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute, stating the WTPA membership.

·        Properly conceal the sword when transporting.

·        Store the sword safely and securely when not in use, ensuring is not accessible to others (including family members).

·        Allow the police to inspect your storage arrangements at any reasonable time (if requested).


Current financial members of the institute are allowed to:-

·        Possess and carry a martial arts weapon for purposes of practice, training and competitions.

·        Bring a martial arts weapon into Victoria.

·        Sell or buy a martial arts weapon in Victoria.

·        Advertise to sell or buy a martial arts weapon in Victoria.



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