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Arnis / Escrima / Kali
Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute

for Health, Self Defence and Spiritual Development


Great may be the man who conquers others 

but much greater is one who conquers himself and ceaselessly helps others


Easy Arnis courses


Introduction            Beginner         Intermediate        Advanced   

Apprentice Instructor         Assistant Instructor          Instructor


Read this article first:-

What is Easy Arnis?   by John Chow


*  Simple and Easy to learn.

*  Fun, simple, easy, effective!     Produces results faster!

*  No fancy moves,  just direct to the point. 

*  Convenient for busy people with hectic schedules.

*  A delight to learn,  a delight to practise.

*  Does not require much strength or talent to practise. 

*  Suitable for all ages, males or females.

*  An excellent prerequisite or foundation for other forms of


*  A simple approach is sometimes the most effective approach. 

Easy Arnis is not only easy to learn,  but easy to teach as well. 

The student can easily and quickly progress to become an instructor. 


Enquiries to become an instructor welcome. 



Easy Arnis Curriculum

Created by Guro John Chow


Introduction Level

Classroom etiquette

Basic Stance

Basic Guard

Basic Footwork



12 Basic Strikes

12 Basic Blocks with counter


Beginner Level

Defence against 12 strikes, with counter


Intermediate Level

Defence against 12 strikes, with counter and disarm


Advanced Level

3 thrusts

Defence against the 3 thrusts


Apprentice Instructor Level

Tapping the counter

Blocking the counter

Tapping and blocking the counter


Assistant Instructor Level

Random disarms

Random blocking, tapping and disarming


Instructor Level

Blocking and disarming the counter

Sidelining footwork

Aggressive blocking

Slash and thrust

Lunge and riposte


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