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This page is under construction,   and the below are some of the topics this page will eventually contain.    There will be lots more coming.   Please be patient  -  it may take quite a long time to update.    I beg for your understanding.

Welcome to the Spiritual Realm.   This is a small part of my collection of works over the past 25 years.   Hope you enjoy this,  may it bring some peace and happiness to you.
I am not into flashy and sexy web designs for showing off.   I believe in going for the real stuff,  straight-away!    I have arranged the material in such a way that you may see the map of my pages in a single page.
*  My Beliefs,  my Way  (controversial & offensive!)
     * Principal Beliefs of Vajra Bodhi Mandala     New!   Added 9 Oct 2005

     *  God
         *  Who?  What?
    *  Blessings
       *  What?
       *  Merit vs Blessing

       *  Hui Neng on Merit vs Blessing     New!  Added 9 Oct 2005
       *  Discrimination of Merit and Virtue   Lotus Sutra Chp 17   New!   Added 9 Oct 2005

    *  Meditation
    *  Method
    *  Devotion & faith
    *  Exoteric/Esoteric

    *  Is Meat Eating Un-Spiritual?   (pdf document)    New!  Added 29 January 2006
    *  Vegetarianism vs meat-eating
    *  Tibetan & the Dalai Lama   and  their so-called vegetarianism

    *  I don't believe in, worship, obey, respect, fear, love, or entrust myself to
        any god who display jealousy, arrogance, cruelty, aggression, childishness,
        quarrelsomeness,  and lack spiritual attributes of love, compassion,
        understanding, wisdom, equanamity, calmness, impartiality, justice, fairness etc. 
    *  Idoltary
       *  What is Idoltary?
       *  When Buddhists bow before sacred images, they commit idoltary
                 But when Christian bows before sacred image, what do they commit? 
       *  The Meaning and Benefits of Paying Respects and Prostrations
       *  The Meaning and Benefits of Making Offerings to Sacred Images
       *  Why the Animistic Tribal God Yahweh Forbade Idolatry and Other Gods
       *  I Worship One Creator Only - I Pay Respect to Many God & Goddesses
    *  The true meanings of  'Israel',  'Son of Man',   and the  '12 Tribes'
    *  There is no ONE son of God.   All human beings are equally children of the
Metta Meditation
*  Path of Healing
*  Path of Wisdom

*  What is the truth?   by John Chow        * New!   Added 30 April 2005

*  Benefits of Spiritual Practice   by John Chow    * New!   Added 30 April 2005

*  Benefits of Prayer   author unknown    * New!   Added 30 April 2005
*  Benefits of Meditation   author unknown     * New!   Added 30 April 2005

*  Benefits of Meditation   by Vijja Dhammakaya group  * New!   Added 30 April 2005

*  Way of the Warrior
*  Reliance on God
*  Certainty of Karma

*  Repentance and Regret  -  the 4 Remedies  by Lama Dorje

*  Repentance, Regret, and Asking for Forgiveness   by Lama Dorje

*  Death
    *  Reality of Death
    *  Reality of Impermanence and Death
    *  A Daily Meditation on Death
    *  There is no Death by itself.  Death is an integral and natural part of Life.
            Life is Natural.   Death is also natural. 
    *  Transcending Death
    *  Life After Death
    *  The Death Process According to Tibetan Tantra
    *  How We Die  -  the Death Process
    *  Phowa - the Tibetan Esoteric Method of Ejecting the Consciousness
    *  Training to be Successful in Phowa for Oneself and Others
    *  The Bardo - Intermediate State between Detah and Rebirth
    *  Advice on Preparing a Dying Person for Death
    *  What the Dying Person May Experience Internally
    *  Advice on Guiding a Dying Person During the Death Process
    *  How to Guide a Recently or Immediately Dead Person
    *  What the Dying Person May Experience Internally (before death)
    *  What the Dying Person May Experience Internally (during death)
    *  How to use Phowa to Benefit a Dying or Dead Person

*  The 16th Karmapa’s Passing and Cremation
*  Penor Rinpoche’s Phowa for the Old Man  -  a short story


*  Buddhism
   *  The 4 Noble Truths
   *  The 3 Universal Characteristics
   *  The Noble 8 Fold Path
   *  The 10 Paramitas
   *  The 37 Factors of Enlightenment

   *  Pancha Indriya

   *  8 Hindrances to Meditation

   *  Refuge obligations
   *  Meaning and Life of a Monk

   *  What is the Mind?
   *  The Early 18 Schools of Buddhism in India
   *  4 Buddhist Philosophical Tenets

   *  Links between Buddhism and Jainism

   *  Links Between Buddhism and Machiaeism
   *  Buddhist Will for Death, Funeral and Last Rites – an example

   *  Prayer for Realisation of Impermanence

   *  Theravada
       *  Development in India
       *  Development in Sri Lanka
       *  Development, Decline and Resurgence in Thailand
           *  Rajaburi Theravada
           *  Pathum Thani Theravada
           *  Sri Lankan Theravada imported as the mould for Thai Theravada
       *  What Theravada Does Not Believe in that Mahayana Believes in?
            *  Buddha Nature
            *  The Dharmakaya
            *  Rebirth in a Pure Celestial Realm
            *  Samyaksam Bodhi should be the goal
            *  The Bodhisattva Ideal
            *  Mind to Mind Transmission
            *  Liberation of the Departed
            *  Non Immediate Rebirth After Death (Tibetan - Bardo states)
            *  Tantric Deities (Tibetan - yidams)
            *  Essence of Tatagarbha is Uncreated, Unborn, Beyond Birth & Death,
                      Beyond Purity & Impurity, Without Beginning or End, Undying, 
                      Everlasting, All Pervasive. 
       *  Vijja Dhammakaya Sect
   *  Mahayana
      *  Essence of Mahayana Buddhism
      *  4 Immeasureables

      *  Compassion and Emptiness  -  Unique Characteristics of Mahayana

      *  Bodhicitta – Key Characteristic of Mahayana Buddhism

      *  Explanation of Lama Dorje’s Bodhicitta Aspiration Prayer

      *  10 Bodhisattva Bhumis

*  Heart Sutra


      *  10 Great Vows of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva

     *  Nagarguna - 

      *  Madhyamikas do not have a Point of View
      *  What is 'True' Buddhism? 
      *  Historical Develoment in India and Asia Minor
      *  Historical Development in China
          *  8_Mahayana_Schools_in_China.html

      *  Pure Land Sect
         *  Teachings
         *  Methodology
         *  Rituals and Chants of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism
            *  Amitabha circumambulation
            *  Morning Service
            *  Lunchtime Service (Grand Offering to the Buddhas)
            *  Afternoon Service
            *  Evening Service
            *  Sa Jing (Purification by Sprinkling with Water)
            *  San Shi Xi Nian (Memorial Service for the Departed in 3 Sections)
            *  88 Buddha Repentance Ritual
            *  Great Compassion Repentance Ritual
            *  Pure Land Repentance Ritual
            *  Medicine Buddha Repentance Ritual
            *  Ksitigarbha Repentance Ritual
            *  Vajra Repentance Ritual
            *  Reciting the Names of and Prostrating to 1000 Buddhas Ritual
            *  Reciting the Names of and Prostrating to 3000 Buddhas Ritual
            *  Feeding of the Flaming Mouths Ritual
                *  Xiao Meng Xun
                *  Da Meng Xun
             *  Funeral Rites

      *  Tian Tai Sect 

      *  Chan / Zen Sect 
           *  Essence of Chan
           *  Transmission of the Mind
           *  Sudden Enlightenment and Gradual Enlightenment
           *  Sakyamuni circumambulation and sitting practice
           *  Bodhidharma
           *  The First 5 Patriachs
           *  The 6th Patriach Hui Neng
           *  Master Ling Zhi
           *  Master Ma Zhu
           *  Master Pang 
           *  Master Han Shan
           *  Master Te Shan
           *  Master Sao Dong
           *  Master Dogen 

      * Mikkyo 
           *  Central Tenets 
                *  Maha Vairochana Tatagatha
                *  The 3 Secrets
           *  Maha Vairochana Tantra
           *  Vajrasattva Tantra
           *  Historical Development 
           *  Tendai Mikkyo
           *  Shingon Mikkyo 
           *  Goma - Sacrificial Fire Ritual 

      * Other Famous Chinese masters 
      * Dung Huang caves 

   *  Vajrayana 
      *  Historical Development 
      *  Unique Features of Vajrayana 
      *  Nyingma 
          *  Advice from Me to Myself - Patrul Rinpoche

          *  Teaching from the terma of the great terton Rigdzin Goden

          *  The passing of Khando Lhamo (wife of Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse)

          *  Dzogchen Monastery Boom Tsok

          *  A tribute to the vidyadhara Kordong Terchen Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche

          *  Tulku Thondup’s lecture on Terchen Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche

          *  A tribute to Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche



      *  Sakya
      *  Kagyu
          * Kagyu Transmissions Kept by Sakya

      *  Gelug
      *  Bonpo
      *  Dzogchen
          *  Ground of Dzogchen is our Original Nature (Tatagathagarbha)

          *  Difference between Mahamudra and Mahaati

      *  Jonangpa

      *  Shangpa Kgyu – the 13th Kagyu

          * Kalu Rinpoche and Bokar Rinpoche

          * Relationship to Jonangpas

      *  Chod

      *  Mahamudra (general)
      *  Mahamudra of the Kagyupas

        *  Practice illusory practice in an illusory way 
               in order to reach illusory Enlightenment 
               to liberate all illusory beings from their illusory sufferings.

      *  35 Buddhas of Confession Practice

      *  Tsog Offering (Gana Puja)


      *  Manichaean Origins of Dzogchen

      *  Manichaean origins of Bon?

      *  The British, CIA and Tibet

      *  The Shugden Controversy



   *  Other Buddhist Sects
      *  Tian Dao
      *  Nichiren
      *  'American' Buddhism
   *  Nagarjuna's Middle Way
   *  Praises to Manjushri Bodhisattva
   *  Praises to Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva

   *  Aspirations to be re-born in Amitabha Pure Land

   *  Bodhisattva attitude to healing one's own illnesses

   *  Spiritual Lies,  Spiritual Deceit

   *  The 17th Karmapa Controversy (very cutting and offensive – do not read

                                                   if you are an unstable ‘great Tantric master’)

   *  Citta,  Bhavana,  Tatagathagarbha,  Ground and Fruit Consciousness etc

   *  The mind-body relationship in Pali Buddhism: A philosophical Investigation


 Preliminary Temple Teachings   by John Chow (teachings to enable temple office bearers to function effectively)         * New!   Added 30 April 2005



 *  Taoism
    *  Theory
    *  Immortals
    *  Forklore
    *  Yoga
    *  Neo Taoism
*  New Age
    *  Theosophical movement
    *  Alice Bailey
    *  Ultra New Age
*  A Simple Protection Method by Lama Dorje

*  Giving Blessings
*  Empowering water etc
*  Christianity
    *  Historical Jesus
    *  Jesus's teachings
    *  Pauls's teachings
    *  Church's teachings
    *  Corrupted Bible?
    *  New vs Old Testament
    *  Doctorine of Atonement
    *  Doctorine of Papal Infallibility
    *  Official Exorcism
    *  Bad Popes
    *  Evangelism
    *  Biblical Law

    *  Beyond Belief]

    *  Christianity in India

    *  Do you really have faith in Jesus Christ?

    *  Early Christian Writings  -   http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/

    *  Old Testaments

         * A Jealous God 1 – passage from Exodus Verse 34   New!   Added 9 Oct 2005

         * A jealous God 2

    *  What would you do if you knew that you were going to die today  Added 26 May 2006

    *  Is your God the Creator of all things?    New   Added 26 May 2006


*  Islam
    *  True Islam
    *  Deeds of Mohammed
    *  Life of Mohammed
    *  Islam Apologists
    *  Sunni and Shiite
    *  The Caliphs
    *  Idols
    *  Sword & Spear
    *  Infidels
    *  Revelation?
*  Clear Light
*  Sexual Practices
*  Native American Indian Spirituality
*  Chakras
Feng Shui
*  Healing
    *  Essentials of Healing
    *  Role of Repentance in Healing
    *  Healing Ourselves
    *  Buddha is the Ultimate Doctor,  Dharma is the Ultimate Medicine
    *  The 4 Medical Tantras of Tibet
    *  The Medicine Buddha
    *  The Medicine Buddha Meditation as as healing practice
    *  The White Tara Meditation as a healing practice
    *  Guan Yin Healing Meditation Practice
    *  Repentance Rituals as healing Practice
    *  Psychic Healing (eg.  Laying on of Hands)
    *  Spiritual Healing (Prayers and Intercessions)
    *  Reiki
    *  Pranic or  Chi Kung Healing
    *  Pranic Healing (T) of Choa Kok Sui
    *  Chakra Therapy
    *  Auric/Etheric Cleansing
    *  Holy Water and Sacred Oils
    *  Role of Attachments and Rigid Belief in Illnesses
    *  Role of Forgiveness and Gratitude in Healing
    *  Just Let Go!
    *  Wisdom and Secret of the Prayers to the 4 Directions
    *  The Divine Vibration
*  Yoga
    *  Hatha
    *  Kriya
    *  Siddha
    * Bhakti
    *  Taoist Yoga
    *  5 Yogas of Naropa
    *  Arhatic Yoga of Pranic Healing (T) of Choa Kok Sui
*  The Value of Prayer
*  Near Death Experiences
*  Hypnosis and Past Lives
*  Cults and Sects
    *  Cults of Yesterday are the Mainstream Religions of Today
    *  Negative and Dangerous Cults
    *  Characteristics of Negative and Dangerous Cults

*  Care more than what others usually think wise ……

*  Can be very Deceptive
*  Time and space is an illusion:- all experiences may be happening simultaneously


Tributes, Acknowledgement and Dedication
I pay tribute to all the great spiritual masters and practitioners of the past,  regardless of lineage and tradition,  in particular, those masters taught me directly in person or via their imminent students  -  Terchen Kordong Chemid Ridgzin, HH Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, HH Dudjom Rinpoche, HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, HH Dalai Lama, HH Sakya Trizin, HH Drukchen Rinpoche, HH Chetsang Rinpoche, Changling Rinpoche, Chatral Rinpoche, Trulshik Rinpoche, Gegen Rinpoche, Thukse Rinpoche, Shamar Rinpoche, Beru Khyentse Rinpoche, Dzogchen Rinpoche, Ayang Rinpoche, Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche, Changling Rinpoche, Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche, Sogyal Rinpoche, Jetsun Kusula, Lama Trijam, Lama Yeshe Tulku, Lama Zopa Tulku, Zazep Tulku, Tulku Pema Wangyal, Chagdud Tulku, Lama Samten, Lama Choedak, Tan Acharn Boonyarith, Acharn Mun, Acharn Chah, Acharn Sod, Acharn Dhammadharo Lee, Ven. Sudhamo, Ven. Hsu Yun, Ven. Hsuan Hua, Ven. Keng An, Ven. Chin Kung, Ven. Wu Xing, Ven. Boon Ti, Michael Boey, Yap Fu Hong, Shirley Chiew, Sifu James Toh
May their teachings and lineages flourish in purity for eons. 

Most of all to my secret teacher who wishes to remain anonymous, guiding me from the background, without seeking fame or limelight.


Gratitude to the Creator of the Universe,  the source of all Life and Light.




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