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Yellow Bamboo

(Bambu Kuning)


A Balinese way of spiritual development, healing, and protection


Warning:†† Yellow Bamboo practices are ineffective without a proper

Pasupati (tramission empowerment), and may actually be dangerous to physical, emotional and psychic health.


Heal yourself and others of spiritually, physically, emotionally.

Rapid spiritual/self development and self-realisation.

More confidence to achieve success in life.

Self empowerment.

Improve health and vitality.

Protect yourself and your loved ones.

Protect your property from theft.

Protect against black magic and spells.

Develop amazing Internal Power in a short time.

Withstand blows to the body.

Defend yourself at a distance.

Knock down attackers without physical contact.


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Learn powerful methods to heal and protect yourself and others.


Yellow Bamboo has a structured approach to spiritual cultivation,the Balinese/Javanese way.


Yellow Bamboo enables rapid meditative concentration and spiritual Development.


Yellow Bamboo healing is simple and effective.


Yellow Bamboo enables one to protect oneself and oneís family and property.Walk and travel in confidence.Do not fear attacks, thieves, black magic or ghosts.


If you require assistance or healing on any illness, physical or psychic problem,please feel free to contact me.



Webpage presented and maintained by Master John Chow of Amazing Qi and Healing Tao of Tai Chi Chuan and spiritual friends in the hope that this may help aspiring readers further their training on their own path.

Please read the following before going any further:-


Warnings Ė practising without proper Pasupati

The necessity of obtaining a proper Pasupati

Note on invulnerability and distant knockdown

Clarification on the role of the Pasupati rite in the free VCDs downloadable


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Updated:  March 2006