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There are many ways and methods of meditation.  They all try to achieve the same goals.  Different people use different tools and paths because they have different natures and circumstances.   One should choose one that suits oneself. 


Please feel welcome to download the meditation instructions below for your study and practice.  Where possible,  we will occassionally conduct courses or retreats to teach these courses,  or we may recommend you to groups that may teach you.  


You are strongly advise to learn and practise meditation under the guidance of a qualified teacher/practitioner.  



Walking Meditation                               Circumabulatory Chanting

Amitabha Chanting Meditation               Metta Bhavana (Loving Kindness) (Theravada) 
Samatha Meditation                               Vippasana Meditation
Chan Meditation                                    Vijja Dhammakaya Meditation


Vajra Bodhi Meditations:-

Vajra Bodhi Pre Meditation Qi Gong      Vajra Bodhi Post Meditation Qi Gong

Metta Bhavana (Loving Kindness)          Easy Meditation         

Universal Light Meditation                      Chakra Meditation 

Meditation on the Higher Self                  A Concise Daily Meditation on Death   


Meditational Sadhanas:-
4 Arm Avalokitesvara Sadhana              White Tara Sadhana
Medicine Buddha Sadhana                     Manjushri Sadhana
Vajrapani Sadhana                                 Sakyamuni Buddha Sadhana
Amitayus Sadhana                                 


Meditation on Death & Impermanence  

Meditation on the sublime qualities of the Triple Gem


Restricted articles:-

There are other meditation methods that strictly require initiation and guidance from a qualified teacher or practitioner,  and thus,  are not available here for general viewing.  Please email the webowner for access to such restricted articles. 


Phowa Meditation (Nyingma)                  Phowa Meditation (Sakya)

Phowa Meditation (Drikung)                    Phowa Meditation (Gelug

Guru Drakpo Sadhana                             Guru Drakphur Sadhana

Simhamukha Sadhana                              Narokhacho Vajrayogini Sadhana

Chod (Jigme Lingpa)                                Chod (Namkhai Norbu)

Gana Puja (Namkhai Norbu)                   

Vajrakilaya Sadhana (Dudjom Ter)          Vajrakilaya Sadhana (Kama Tradition)

Mahamudra (Tsongkhapa)                        Tummo




Sponsor a meditation seminar.

Sponsor a short meditation class.

Sponsor a Tai Chi - Qi Gong – Meditation seminar. 

Become a meditation teacher.


*  Benefits of Meditation   author unknown     * New!   Added 30 April 2005

*  Benefits of Meditation   by Vijja Dhammakaya group  * New!   Added 30 April 2005

Mahamudra of the Kagyupas
Just Let Go!

Why Meditate?

Meditation lowers stress and blood pressure in students

On Meditation   by Bhante H. Gunaratana @2002

Experience of 1st Jhana Entry   by Bhikkhu Samahita

Pancha Indriya

8 Hindrances to Meditation
Seven Points of Meditation by Shamar Rinpoche




















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