Healing Phenomenon
Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute
for Health, Self Defence and Spiritual Development
'Healing of body, mind and spirit'

Courses and Services:
Pranic Healing                                                                                             Universal Human Energy
Kuan Yin Healing Elixir Meditation (Vajra Bodhi Method)                           Traditional Japanese Reiki
Universal Light (Vajra Bodhi Method)                                                         Chakra Therapy
Karmic Purification                                                                                     Repentance
Medicine Buddha Healing Meditaion                                                           Tara Healing Meditation
88 Buddha Repentance Ritual (Ba Shi Ba Fo Chan)                                    Great Compassion Repentance Ritual (Da Bei Chan)
Medicine Buddha Repentance Ritual (Yao Shi Chan)                                  Tsitigarbha Repentance Riitual (Di Zang Chan)
Pure Land Repentance Ritual (Jin Tu Chan)

Also refer to our webpage for Traditional Chinese Medicine  and  Qi Gong


Bodhisattva attitude to healing one's own illnesses

Path of Healing
God is the Source of all Life and Healing



Services:  Healing by appointment only.

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* Traditional Japanese Reiki

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