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Therapeutic Massage
Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute
for Health, Self Defence and Spiritual Development

Healing the body, mind and spirit
of the community for their health, wellbeing, security and happiness.
Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with massage, Qi Gong, healing,
martial arts, aerobics, and meditation. 

  Doctor:   Sifu/Guro John Chow


  Chinese Tui Na Massage
  Vajra Chi Massage  -  special Chi massage created by Master John Chow.
  Chi Nei Tsang Massage  -  very special  TCM internal organs massage. 

  For treatments to be effective,  we recommend combining herbal remedies, 

  acupuncture, massage, qi gong, and TCM nutrition.  Gua Sha, Cupping and Plum

  Needles may be sometimes used in lieu of acupuncture and massage for special


  Herbal powders, oinments, and medicated wines for traumatic (bruises) 
  injuries also available.

  Due to our experience in martial arts,  we also specialise in treating sports injuries,
  traumatic/impact injuries and rheumatic arthritis.

  Promotion:   10% discount for course of 10 treatments (once a week)
                      30% discount for course of 20 treatments (twice a week)                   
                      Fill in our survey and get 10% discount for your first treatment. 
                     10% discount if enroll in our Tai Chi  or  Chi Kung classes
                     10% discount if enroll in our martial arts  or  stickaerobics classes 

The Virtue of Intensive Treatment   by John Chow
What is Chinese massage therapy?
What is Vajra Chi Massage?
Ailments that Chinese Therapeutic Massage can help
Characteristics of Tuina
Benefits of Tuina
Diseases that respond positively to Tuina
Facial Massage
Contraindications of Tuina
Tuina for Regulating Yin Qi, Wei Qi, Blood and Zang Fu organs
Manipulative techniques of Tuina and their applications
Qi Gong exercises for Tuina practitioners
Massage with Oil   by John Chow
Types of Carrier/Base Oils Used in Massage  by John Chow
What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?   by John Chow
What is Acupuncture by John Chow   by John Chow
What is Chinese Herbal Medicine   by John Chow
What is Cupping   by John Chow
What is Acupressure   by John Chow
What is Ear Acupuncture   by John Chow
What is Plum Needle   by John Chow
What is Gua Sha   by John Chow
Benefits of Massage   by John Chow    * New!  Added 30 April 2005
Other articles of interest:
Aging and Exercise  
Medicated Vapourisations   by John Chow
Medicated Compresses   by John Chow
Medicated Baths   by John Chow

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