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Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute

for Health, Self Defence and Spiritual Development


Yellow Bamboo

A Balinese way of spiritual development, healing, and protection


Special Announcement!  In aid of Tsunami Appeal

Yellow Bamboo Level 1 seminar:   Sunday 23 January 2005

Venue:     Common Room,  Sports Complex,

                  Monash University (Clayton Campus), Melbourne.

Cost:          Special introductory price of $60 (normally $90) 

Time:         To be confirmed (probably 9am – 12noon)

90% of proceeds go to UNICEIF Tsunami Appeal and 10% of proceeds go to YB free clinic in Bali.  John Chow keeps nothing,  but donates own time and expenses. 


Tributes,  Acknowledgements,  and Dedication

I wish to pay respects to Pak Nyoman Serengen,  the founder of Yellow Bamboo,  because this is the system he founded.  I also wish to than Alvin Donovan who is instrumental for helping Pak Serengen spread this system worldwide. 

I wish to thank Pak Nyoman Serengen, Pak Nyoman Suardana, Alvin Donovan, Pak Ketut Sudiarsana, and Pak Ida Bagus Arta for teaching me. 

Dedicated to all who are intent on the spiritual path.


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