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Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute

for Health, Self Defence and Spiritual Development


Yellow Bamboo

A Balinese way of spiritual development, healing, and protection


Special Announcement


Special Announcement!

The founder of Yellow Bamboo, Pak Serengen, has consented to give intensive workshops in Australia, beginning 8 August 2006. 


These are special intensives.  Rarely to be repeated.  This is the 1st time that Pak Serengen is conducting Pasupati initiation outside of Indonesia.  Get initiations from the founder!  This is the real deal.


No need to travel all the way to Bali and endure risks!  Interested parties from other Australian cities please contact John Chow ASAP for arrangements to host a workshop.


Level 1  -  a 2 day intensive.

Cost:-  $300


Level 2  -  1 day intensive.

Cost $300   (must have previously taken level 1)


Those who take both Level 1 and Level 2:-  $500 only,  and are eligible for taking part in the ‘pelontaran’ – testing of accumulated power by knocking down an attacker (on a sandy beach so that the attacker can fall down without injury).


To read Level 1 & 2 details,  please click here.


Enrol for the earliest Yellow Bamboo course as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!


Details are below --------

Forthcoming events


1)      Yellow Bamboo Level 1 Pasupati (initiation/empowerment)

      by Pak Serengen

      Date:  Likely to be Tuesday, 8 August 2006 (full moon night)

      Venue:   to be announced

      Cost:  $100

      It is worth attending to get the Pasupati from Pak Serengen on this

      powerful full moon night!


      2)   Yellow Bamboo Level 1 course with Pak Serengen

      Tentative dates:-    Wednesday 9th, 10th, 11th August, 2006  

                                     7pm to 9pm

      (each night is a course by itself – the more you practise in

       Pak Serengen’s presence, the better!)

      Venue:-    To be announced, 

                       Likely to be either Doncaster East or Monash University

      Cost:   $100 for 1 night, $50 per additional night

      Those who absolutely can not get the Pasupati from Pak Serengen

      on 8th August,  please inform the organisers in order to make special

      arrangements to Pasupati on these 3 nights. 

      Do not miss your chance.  The practices are not effective,

      and may be dangerous without a proper Pasupati.  You are warned.

      Read the warnings below.


3)      Yellow Bamboo Level 1 SPECIAL Intensive Weekend Training/Practice with

       Pak Serengen     

Date:   Saturday and Sunday  12th & 13th August (tentatively)  

            9am to 5pm

Venue:    to be announced,  likely to be Monash University

      Cost:   $300

Note:- This is an intensive workshop. 


4)      Yellow Bamboo Level 2 SPECIAL Intensive Course and Intensive with Pak Serengen

Tentative date:  Monday, 14th August 2006    9am to 5pm

Venue:   to be announced

Cost:   $300

Note:- This is a course and intensive.



If you take Level 1 & Level 2 intensives plus the 3 nights teachings, the cost is only $500.


That is very cheap compared to going all the way to Bali where one has to stay 1 month to get the same level of teaching (airfare & taxes $1000, hotel $600, food $300, incidentals $300, souvenirs = $100 – totalling about $2300 easily).  Learn Yellow Bamboo at a quarter of the cost!  



Please read the following warnings:-


Warnings – practising without proper Pasupati

The necessity of obtaining a proper Pasupati

Note on invulnerability and distant knockdown

Clarification on the role of the Pasupati rite in the free VCDs downloadable


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Updated:  1 June 2006