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Traditional Tai Chi Chuan
Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute

for Health, Self Defence and Spiritual Development


“Great may be the man who conquers others 

but much greater is one who conquers himself and ceaselessly helps others”


Chief Instructor:  Guro John Chow


Tributes, Acknowledgement and Dedication

I pay tribute to the late Grandmaster Cheng Man Ching
and his illustrious students, 

Yap Siu Ting (Yue Shu Ting) and Huang Shing Shyan.


In addition, I wish to pay tribute to my Tai Chi Chuan masters:-

Lu Tong Pau (Lu Tong Bao), 

Chok Seng Kam (Zhu Shen Jing), 

Lau Kim Hong (Liu Jin Hong), 

and Gao Yun Wu. 
as the source of my understanding and skill in Tai Chi Chuan.

I also thank:-

Loh Kam Choon for teaching me Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan (early 1970s), 

Rocky Kwong Ken Yue for imparting his insights into Wu Style Tai Chi Boxing,

Toh Fah Fook for teaching me Mao Shan, 

Liew Chee Fui for teaching me Shaolin,

Hisa Okano for teaching me Shorinji Kempo,

(Datuk) James Low for teaching me Shotokan Karate,  


and my first teacher - my own father - Henry Chow Fook On,

imparted to me important tips of self defence.


Dedicated to all past, present and future practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan,
hoping they will find peace and truth.


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