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Traditional Tai Chi Chuan
Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute

for Health, Self Defence and Spiritual Development


“Great may be the man who conquers others 

but much greater is one who conquers himself and ceaselessly helps others”


Chief Instructor:  Guro John Chow


Tai Chi Video Clips


Under construction.   Feel free to return later. 

A few video clips will be posted here in future to represent our Tai Chi Chuan.


  Brendan stick twirling 1

  Quarter Staff - Brendan and Yang 1

  Tai Chi Boxing - basic punching 1

  Tai Chi fan - John Chow 1

  Tai Chi fan - John Chow 2

  Vajra Kickboxing basic punch and tap 1

  Gentle genuine Cheng Man Ching Yang Style Tai Chi Push Hands 1

  Fa Jing in Push Hands by Master David Chan

  Yang Tai Chi Fa Jing by Kim Fung

  Basic Horizontal Single Hand Push by student in novice workshop



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