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Traditional Tai Chi Chuan

for Self Defence and Combat

presented by
Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute

for Health, Self Defence and Spiritual Development

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Using the soft to effortlessly defeat the hard

 Ideal self defence for women


Learn the authentic Tai Chi exercise routine, Push-Hands, 2 Person Sparring Set, Combat Boxing, weapons, self defence, and Internal Power Development.


Styles taught:   Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan    (sample video clip)

                         Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan      (sample video clip)


                             Coming events


Traditional Tai Chi Chuan for self defence and combat presumes reasonable proficiency and foundation in the basics of Tai Chi Chuan at least one of the traditional forms and Pushing Hands. It is customary to continue in learning and practising Tai Chi Chuan for health while pursuing Tai Chi Chuan as a martial art.


   Basic Push-Hands                                                                      (sample video clip)

   Advanced Push Hands                                                               (sample video clip)

   10 Methods of Push-Hands                                                        (sample video clip)

   Combat Applications of the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Form   (sample video clip)

   Combat Applications of the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Form      (sample video clip)
   Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Nei Gong (internal strength)       

   Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Nei Gong 1 (internal strength)   

   Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Nei Gong 2 (internal strength)   

   Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Nei Gong 3 (internal strength)   

   Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Nei Gong (internal strength)

   Yang Style Tai Chi 2 Person Sparring Set (San Shou Dui Da)   (sample video clip)

   Tai Chi Pushing Hands for Self Defence                                    (sample video clip)

   Yang/Wu Tai Chi Combat Boxing                                          (sample video clip) 
   Vajra Elbows                                                                              (sample video clip)

   The incredible ‘Folding Hand’ of Yap Siu Ting                         (article)     (article)

   Easy Tai Chi Quarter Staff                                                         (sample video clip)

   Yang Style Tai Chi Staff of Lu Tong Bao                                  (sample video clip)

   Vajra Bodhi Tai Chi Quarter Staff                                             (sample video clip)

   4 Sides and 4 Corners of Lu Tong Bao                                      (article)     (article)

   Walking Cane                                                                            (sample video clip)

   Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Fa Jing                                      (sample video clip)

   Tai Chi Chi Kung for Arthritis                                                   (sample video clip)

   Yang Style Tai Chi Sabre                                                           (sample video clip)

   Yang Style Tai Chi Sword                                                          (sample video clip)

   Yang Style Tai Chi Spear                                                           (sample video clip)


   Please note that the possession, carrying, buying, selling and carrying of

   Martial Arts weapons is prohibited in Victoria, Australia. 

   Please join the institute or other affiliated clubs of WTPA to gain exemption.



Only Traditional Tai Chi Chuan is taught.  The modern forms of Beijing 24, Beijing 48, and International 42 from Modern Wu Shu are not taught,  nor recommended by the institute.


  Don’t forget to look at our coming events!


Affiliated clubs:

  Monash University Tai Chi Chuan Club

  Monash University Arnis Club

  Yahoogroups – Melbourne Tai Chi & Chi Kung


 Move like a shadow,  respond like an echo,  strike like an arrow.
 Free like the wind,  deafening like thunder,  pervasive like space.
 Gentle like the wind,  light like a feather,  unmovable like a mountain.
 Having no fixed view and preference,  free to do what is naturally
 appropriate,  spontaneously,  by reflex - this is my heart advice.
 But then words are very easy and cheap.


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