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Tai Chi and Chi Kung

for Arthritis


Therapeutic deep breathing exercises of Tai Chi and Chi Kung to help relieve arthritic pain and discomfort. 


The gentle exercises of Tai Chi Chuan can strengthen muscles, increase suppleness and range of motion, exercise the joints, invigorate circulation, relax the body, improve balance and bone density, cope with stress, improve digestion etc.



Tai Chi and Chi Kung for Arthritis
Easy Tai Chi          


Read articles below and be informed about arthritis!


About Arthritis and Tendonitis

What is Arthritis Western Medicine point of view (in PDF format)

Some Arthritic Pain relief methods

Diet supplements for Arthritis

Western Medication for treating Arthritic Pain

Western pain relieving drugs for osteoarthritis

Factors that trigger arthritis and may influence treatment and recovery

Predisposing factors, causes and triggers in arthritis

Arthritis: considerations for doctors recommending therapies and therapists

Tendonitis information, treatment and options a general overview

About Tendons and Ligaments


Treatment and Exercises for Arthritis

Treatment Plan for people with Arthritis

Exercise and Arthritis

Benefits of exercise for Arthritic Patients

How exercises can benefit patients suffering from Arthritis

Exercises most suitable for Arthritic Patients

Exercise choices for Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Starting an Arthritic Exercise program

Getting started in Arthritis Exercise program - suggested point-by-point plan

Frequency of Arthritic Exercises

Suitable Muscle and Ligament Strengthening exercises for Arthritis

How Much Exercise Is Too Much


Also, click here to read about Stretching!


Tai Chi & Chi Kung for the Elderly and Arthritis

Benefits of Practising Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung

Benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung for arthritis

Tai Chi Chi Kung for Arthritis - generic discussion

What is Tai Chi Chi Kung for Arthritis

Tips for finding a suitable Tai Chi Chi Kung teacher for your arthritis

Tai Chi Chi Kung and the Elderly Senior Citizens

Tai Chi Chi Kung for the Elderly


Affiliated clubs:

  Monash University Tai Chi Chuan Club

  Monash University Arnis Club


Our Tai Chi & Chi Kung for the elderly and arthritis program is also suitable for most health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, aches, pains, etc



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Written by John Chow,  a practitioner of Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, masseur, healer and teacher of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, martial arts and spiritual paths in Melbourne, Australia.

For further information, please contact John Chow  at  vajra_master@yahoo.com.


Legal caveat:-

The information provided above is for general reference only. Although the author(s) has attempted to be as thorough as possible in compiling the information in this article(s), no legal responsibility nor liability is accepted for any errors or omissions. The information is presented for educational purposes only. Please refer any medical matter to your doctor before acting on any health-related information.