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Traditional Tai Chi Chuan

for Health, Vitality and Fitness

presented by
Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute

for Health, Self Defence and Spiritual Development



Benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung

    Medical conditions treatable by Tai Chi and Chi Kung.html

    Benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung for arthritis

    What is the ‘Tai Chi and Chi Kung for Arthritis program’?


                       Coming events


    Join our structured program:-


     Advanced students may progress to:-

·        Sabre

·        Sword

·        Quarter Staff

·        Staff

·        Spear

  • Yang Style Tai Chi Nei Gong 2 for Health and Internal Power Development


      If you are looking at Tai Chi specifically for health and nothing else,  don’t forget to

      look at our “Tai Chi Chi Kung for Arthritis” and “Easy Tai Chi”. Compare it with

      other popular Tai Chi for arthritis programs on the market.


The gentle exercises of Tai Chi Chuan can strengthen muscles, increase suppleness and   range of motion, invigorate circulation, relax the body, improve balance and bone density, cope with stress, improve digestion etc. 


Our school emphasises deep breathing which improves and strengthens respiration – which is excellent for asthmatics.


Tai Chi Chuan is therapeutically used by many to relieve long term illnesses and chronic medical conditions as well as post operative recuperation.


Our school teaches only Traditional Tai Chi Chuan.  The modern forms of Beijing 24, Beijing 48, and International 42 from Modern Wu Shu are not taught,  nor recommended by our school.  Beyond Easy Tai Chi, all topics, including weapons and Push Hands, within traditional Tai Chi Chuan are for health and vitality – for advanced students.



   Tai Chi & Chi Kung for the elderly and arthritis   (highly recommended)
   Easy Tai Chi (™):              Introduction   (highly recommended)

   Easy Pushing Hands           (all levels of Easy Tai Chi ™)

   Traditional Tai Chi Chuan:   Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced levels

   Tai Chi and Chi Kung  for specific health conditions eg. arthritis, diabetes,

                                      hypertension, elbow/shoulder/wrist/knee pain, back pain,

                                      stiffness, irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis

   Occasional courses:   (Tai Chi topics in discrete units, usually in workshops)


Easy Tai Chi (™) is specially designed to enable rapid learning and progression.  It is an excellent foundation for both Tai Chi Chuan for health and martial arts.


   Don’t forget to look at our coming events!


   Affiliated clubs:

   Monash University Tai Chi Chuan Club

   Monash University Arnis Club


   Please note that the possession, carrying, buying, selling and carrying of

   Martial Arts weapons is prohibited in Victoria, Australia. 

   Please join the institute or other affiliated clubs of WTPA to gain exemption.




Sponsor an Easy Tai Chi seminar.

Become an Easy Tai Chi teacher.

Sponsor a Tai Chi Pushing Hands seminar.

Sponsor a Tai Chi - Qi Gong – Meditation seminar. 


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